10 Most Appreciating Real Estate Markets in the United States Summer 2008

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 10 Most Appreciating Real Estate Markets in the United States Summer 2008Here’s a clip from a post over at The REI Brain:

“I’m always a pretty positive guy and hate it when people start off in any discussion by looking at the negatives. There’s just too much negative talk out there in today’s real estate market … especially when there’s so much positive out there for savvy (and ethical) real estate investors to grab a hold of.

Anyway, here’s some positive news for all of those people who say the real estate market sucks.”

Check out the 10 Most Appreciating Real Estate Markets in the United States Summer 2008.

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  1. Trevor Mauch says:

    Hey Patrick,

    Thanks for the props on my article.

    It’s kind of funny how the media shapes what the rest of us think… the media (big media) puts out stories about how bad the real estate market is… and that people are losing money in real estate…

    … and people start to think the market is “bad”. Anyhow, as you know… no market is really bad for savvy investors… you just have to find your niche and find people to help in ANY market.

    Hey, thanks again for the link and chat w/ you soon.

    – Trevor

  2. mccann says:

    Most people just don’t get the fact that now is a great time to buy. Robert Kiyosaki explains, in Rich Dad Poor Dad, that most people will sell assets when they go down in value and wait to buy them until they are at an all time high. The complete opposite of what an intelligent investor would do.

    So now that the real estate market is “down,” it’s time to get involved.

  3. Patrick Riddle says:

    The people most negatively affected by the “real estate crash” are speculators that got involved too late in the game when markets peaked and people trapped in mortgages that should have never been written to begin with.

    It was a terrific time to sell 2 years ago and now, it’s a equally terrific time to buy and hold.

  4. Tage says:

    Yes I completely agree with Mccann. Unfortunately, being a college student, I have no available funds to invest into real estate. Otherwise I would try to buy as much as I was able to, without getting in over my head. Now is a great time to buy houses, as prices are more negotiable and good locations are easier to come by.