Battle of the REI Blogs 2010 – Vote For Your Favorite Real Estate Investing Blogger Below!

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2010 Battle of the REI Blogs Champion – Ron Mead

Check out Ron’s victory speech below…

Congratulations to Ron… way to go Probate Guy!

The 2010 Final Standings

1) Ron Mead, The Probate Guy – 2010 Champ – 251 Votes
2) Steph Davis – 189
3) Julie Broad (’09 Champ) – 154
4) JP Moses – 148
5) Craig Fuhr – 120
6) Patrick Riddle (aka Sergeant P-Rid) – 65
7) Shae Bynes – 22
8) J Scott – 20
(less than 20 votes)
9) Jamel Gibbs
10) Alex Joungblood
11) Rachel Hernandez
12) Peter Kolat
13) Scott Costello

Now, let’s give a round of applause for all the excellent REI Bloggers! You guys and gals pour your hearts into your blogs… and the 1000+ votes below are a testament to that!

AND, a BIG THANKS to everyone who voted. It means a TON to us bloggers…. we salute you :-)

It’s been my pleasure to host another great REI blog battle.

That’s it for ol’ Sergeant P-Rid.

See y’all next year for the 3rd annual battle. It’s gonna be big!

~ Sarge

P.S. – Are you an REI Blogger? Interested in participating in next year’s battle? If so, leave a comment below with your name and link to your blog.

P.P.S. – If you voted for Ron, Steph, or Julie, you’re in contention to win one of those Private Money Blueprint Training Systems. Good luck!

Meet The Bloggers

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Julie Broad
Life As Real Estate Investors

Real estate investing live and on location across north america. Videos, tips, and resources to help you invest successfully in any city!

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Ron Mead
Buy Probate Property

If the coffee I’m drinkin’ and what I’m just thinkin’ or your just a winkin’, then we’d better say bye, cause I’m just the Probate Guy!

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Steph Davis
Flip This Wholesaler

Rags to riches real estate: the daily musings of a bartender turned REO wholesaler …

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JP Moses
REI tips

Imagine Real Estate Investing…Undressed. It’s practical, real & “Average Joe” friendly. Stop by & grab my 53 Free REI Forms on the house!

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Must Know Investing

Your Source for Creative Real Estate Investing Tips, Tools, and Techniques… and Host of Battle of the REI Blogs.

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Shae Bynes
Good Faith Investing

Shae seeks to inspire and inform with stories from the streets. Some even call it chicken soup for the real estate investor’s soul. :-)

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Peter Kolat
Real Estate Internet Marketing

Real Estate Internet Marketing Blog-FREE 56 pg. Real Estate Black Book-The Only Place to Get Secret Internet Marketing Strategies For FREE.

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Jamel Gibbs
REI Education Academy

FREE 5 Part Crash Course on Wholesaling Houses provided by the Jamel Gibbs. Discover Pure Real Estate Investing AWESOMENESS.

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Rachel Hernandez
Adventures in Mobile Homes

Sharing stories and adventures about investing in mobile homes. Learn from Rachel – aka Mobile Home Gurl – who specializes in this niche!

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Scott Costello
Struggling to Get Started

A Nine-to-Fiver overcoming fears and a lack of time. No tips, tricks or fast profits here, just every day experiences from a new investor.

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J Scott
1-2-3 Flip brings you the nitty-gritty of a real life house flipper, including detailed financials, schedules and results down to the penny.

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Craig Fuhr
SurReal Estate Success

Craig Fuhr is a super-star investor & premier rehabber. His blog is a daily stream of insanely fun & real-life RE Investing tips & videos.

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Alex Joungblood
Wholesaling Houses in Real Time

A full time wholesaler making it happen in a down real estate market. How you can still make a full time income wholesaling houses.

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Here’s a quick recap of the contest rules from the video above:

1) Contest starts October 18th and ends at midnight EST on October 21st.

2) You must be 18 years or older to participate.

3) Pick your favorite real estate investing blogger.

4) VOTE by entering the name of your favorite blogger in the comment area below (only 1 vote allowed per person… violators will be disqualified).

And check out the prizes…

1st place blogger gets to award 5 of their voters a FREE Private Money Blueprint Training System ($997).

2nd and 3rd place get to award 1 of their voters a FREE Private Money Blueprint Training System.

So, we’re giving away almost $7,000 in real estate investing education… and you could win by simply voting below.

Scroll to the bottom of the screen now and put your favorite REI blogger in the comment area. And remember, only 1 vote per person.

Thanks for joining this year’s Battle :-)

May the best REI blogger win,

Sergeant P-Rid

Patrick Riddle
… aka Sergeant P-Rid

P.S. If you think this contest is pretty cool, click the Facebook “Like” button at the top of the post and share it with your friends :-)

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  1. Suzanne E says:

    Craig Fuhr is the BEST! ‘Cause he’s my Baby’s Daddy!!!’ LOL
    He’s the best!! I know if I was looking for a great house to buy Craig would be my man, he just has to come to my house and make mine as beautiful as the houses he is ‘hooking’ up!!!

  2. Jason Elkins says:

    I VOTE FOR JP! Cause he rocks, and he has a cool website address.

  3. Joey ... says:

    “I vote for Patrick”

  4. mike mesmer says:

    P-Rid’s Got My Vote!!!

  5. Larry Andershock says:

    Ron Mead gets my vote. Looks like there’s a few other blogs I need to read (hey that rhymes).

    Thank you all REI bloggers for sharing your tips, tricks, mistakes and keeping us all up to date on current market strategies.

  6. Greg Brister says:

    Rachel Hernandez’s mobile home blog

  7. Helen Forde says:

    definately voting for Julie Broad. thanks so much

  8. Vilma says:

    I vote for JP’S-Patrick Reddle, the handson men with the most beautifull two young ladies.

  9. Patrick says:

    A lot of great blogs…..great info and lots of obvious time and effort, but My vote has to be for Craig this year. Keep up the great work guys and gals!!

  10. Tom Robertson says:

    Ron Mead is the Real Deal!

  11. Marc says:

    ron mead

  12. Lindsay says:

    I vote for JP!!!

  13. Bruce says:

    Ron Mead is the man with my vote!

  14. Michael Ceccon says:

    Ron Mead

  15. Joanna Velarde says:

    My vote goes out to JP/
    He has been such a tremendous source of inspiration to me and I feel like he wholeheartedly loves helping people find their journey in real estate investing.

    His is knowledgeable, professional, easy to understand and has a great heart for others! Go JP!! Keep up the great work!

  16. Dave says:

    I vote for Steph Davis!

  17. “I Vote for Steph Davis!”

    Good Luck from your your friend in Los Angeles,

  18. Mark says:

    Steph Davis rocks!!!! (I also vote for her cuz she’s hot)

  19. Ron says:

    I Vote for CRAIG FUHR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. andy adams says:

    My vote is for Ron Meade.

  21. Antonio says:

    CRAIG FUHR is Da’Man

  22. Ryan Kauffman says:

    I vote for Patrick Riddle

  23. Reginald Weithers says:

    JP Moses gets all my votes

  24. Erick says:

    I vote for P-Rid. Get em soldier!

  25. Ron says:

    CRAIG FUHR is the BEST!!!

  26. Matt says:

    I Vote for Steph Davis!

  27. Brian Estes says:

    I vote for the ever so Foxy Steph Davis! soon)

  28. Sabine says:

    I vote for Patrick. He is the Man!

  29. David says:

    I Vote For JP Moses. He has the best info you can get period!

  30. Crystal says:

    I vote for JP!

  31. Kat Jiabogu says:

    I vote for Shae Bynes!

  32. illy ill says:

    I vote for Patrick Riddle!! Get em P-RIDD!

  33. Darlene says:


  34. Mike says:

    I like Ron
    .-= Mike´s last blog ..“A Time to Serve!” =-.

  35. Luci says:

    I vote for Steph Davis

  36. kim says:

    Craig Fuhr is Da Man!!!!
    He Rocks! I vote for Craig.


  37. Billie says:

    I’m helping my boy Ron to win!!

  38. jennifer china says:

    vote for steph!!

  39. Bret says:

    Go JP you have my vote

  40. Mike says:


  41. Lily Jensen says:

    I vote for julie Broad.She is Awesome!

  42. Mike says:


  43. Mike says:


  44. Wayne Preston says:


  45. cathy says:

    Highly recommend Craigh Fuhr for all your home needs!!!

  46. Doug says:

    I vote for Steph Davis

  47. mike d says:

    Ron Mead