Buy Cheap Nootropics in the Online Modafinil Pharmacies

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, people are more likely to buy Modafinil pills and vitamins from online pharmacies. You can assess the effectiveness, convenience, and speed of delivery of the listed online pharmacies too.

Garcia Pharmacy (Rating: 3.5) [25 N 14th St UNIT 110, San Jose, CA 95112, United States | (408) 294-3219 |]

They never have any medicine available, and they always have to order it. You end up making multiple trips for the same script that you called in 3 days prior for them to have still not it ready and make you go back.. half the time when I call ahead, and they tell me medicine is ready to be picked up, they end up not having it.. not the smartest staff. The only thing is that this has been here since I was a kid. When the father owned it, it was a lot better.. he used to wear a cowboy hat.

I’ve lived in this neighborhood for 12+ yrs, and I’ll always go to this pharmacy over others. They give excellent advice to ensure you don’t counteract your regular meds with OTCs, and they are always so welcoming. Garcia Pharmacy even delivered when I was too sick to get there. They may not be able to deliver all the time, but they are patient and understanding, so they do their best. Definitely a life-long customer!

Evergreen Pharmacy (Rating: 4.9) [2690 S White Rd # 200A, San Jose, CA 95148, United States | (408) 270-0670 |]

5 stars may not even be enough for the wonderful staff at Evergreen Pharmacy. Pragna, Trang, and Muhammad go the extra mile and then another to get patients the meds they need. I have never seen such knowledge, skill, and devotion to getting the job done right. In an age where getting good medical care and dealing with insurance has gotten so difficult and time-consuming, this team is a lifesaver. Thanks, y’all.

With the incredibly friendly and helpful team at this location, I’m always surprised by some of the price points on items you just wouldn’t expect to get at a drug store. My experience today with the pharmacy, after being turned away from another one nearby, was superb. Quick and knowledgeable, I got my flu vaccine the same day without having an appointment. Won’t try anywhere else in the future.

Enborg Lane Pharmacy (Rating: 5.0) [2221 Enborg Ln, San Jose, CA 95128, United States | (408) 885-4100 |]

Enborg Lane Pharmacy is a great pharmacy. The staff is attentive, friendly, and professional. Every time I have visited this store, I am struck by the clean, safe, and welcoming atmosphere that is so evident when you step inside. The pharmacy staff is great and easy to speak with about any questions you may have with your prescriptions and make you feel like a valued customer. I like this pharmacy, and you might like it too.

Poor customer service!! 9/8. They didn’t have my prescription and didn’t know when they would get any in, but they didn’t tell me until the next day when I came to pick it up. The pharmacy manager said they don’t check their system to make sure they have your medicine when you drop it off because their system isn’t very accurate. They also seem to be understaffed all the time. Go to Walgreens if you can.

McKee Medical Pharmacy (Rating: 4.6) [2350 McKee Rd a3, San Jose, CA 95116, United States | (408) 923-8871 |]

I can’t get over this amazing McKee Medical Pharmacy and its owners/employees! They constantly are blowing me away with their customer service and their willingness to help in any way possible. There have been countless situations/experiences where they have assisted me and made my trips to the pharmacy enjoyable, which. How many people say that?! Seriously, do yourself a favor and come here for all your pharmacy needs!

I have been going here for over 20 yrs. Ever since Frank, the manager, retired, things have gone downhill. Now, wait times are huge. You can call in a prescription, and it will say that it will be filled by a certain time. Not once over the last couple of years has it been ready. It seems like the employees could care less about doing their job. I wish Frank would come back or someone with a good work ethic.