What Is “The Capital Syndicate” by Lee Arnold?

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Lemme ask you a question…

What if I said there’s a genius new real estate investing training program that details how regular RE investors can bring in great income with an easy-to-follow process?

Want to know what that process is, right?!

Well, the systematic process is connecting other real estate investors who need funding for their U.S. transactions with a vetted pool — a Syndicate, if you will — of private money lenders who need to deploy and invest their money.

Hey there, Patrick here, to tell you about this awesome new program for new and seasoned investors… The Capital Syndicate by Lee Arnold. 

So, here it is…

This innovative and unique training program teaches average investors how to ramp up their investing operations by adding a sweet new stream of income to their existing REI business. How? By becoming a Private Money Broker and connecting 2 main real estate investing stakeholders: 1. Private investors in need of capital for their transactions and 2. A Capital Syndicate of private lenders who have that capital at the ready for real estate deals across the country.

As you’ll hear Lee say: “He who has the gold makes the rules.” And boy oh boy, his Capital Syndicate sure does have the gold! 

Here’s what The Capital Syndicate training program looks like:

  • A series of packed informational training modules — videos and audio.
  • Loaded with extras: tools, resources, “amplifier training” bonus sessions and more.
  • Easy-to-understand media that explain and demonstrate the whole private money loan process — from learning the basics of private money to finding active investors who need funding, to closing best practices, proven marketing pro tips and more — all while you earn nice income on every deal.

The genius behind The Capital Syndicate, Lee Arnold, is a financial and REI expert! He teaches you his formulaic process so you can regularly access private money for your very own deals AND so you can make awesome money as a private money broker for other investors. 

The Capital Syndicate is perfect for investors who are ready to boost their current real estate investing with “part-time” work for “full-time” gains.

The Capital Syndicate Goods  

Well, The Capital Syndicate does all this and more:

  • Show Me the $: You’ll have unlimited funding for all of your very own REI transactions + funding for the active investors you connect with who need it.
  • Mo $$: You only need to connect with a handful of deal-makers to make bunches of money with this proven strategy… then rinse and repeat.
  • Private $: Why being a private money lender is awesome and how much money the average investor can bring in — without doing it full time.
  • Home of the Brave: How you can be a private money broker across the Land of the Free, without a license, in nearly every U.S. state.
  • Laser-Focus: Focusing your time, effort and attention on the 3 best players.
  • Breaking Broker: The common pitfalls and mistakes to avoid during the private money brokering process.
  • #4: The 4 reasons to be a broker and the 4 simple steps to make it happen.
  • The Goods: Tons of useful best practices, extras, pro tips and hacks to becoming a successful private money broker for real estate investing.
  • Get Paid: When and how to get paid at closing, without having to be at closing! 
  • Lead Gen: Simple online and offline strategies for generating lead after lead.
  • Templates to Swipe: Lee’s awesome templates for direct mail and his 7 best practices for DM.
  • Scripts to Steal: Well, we’re giving them to you, but you’ll love our voicemail and seller call scripts — no need to start from scratch.
  • Get Noticed: You’ll surely get attention from people who need REI money with these 5 in-person tactics.
  • Target Practice: When working with your most valuable players, follow these 5 musts and 3 must nots.
  • And, yes: Loads more valuable info and actionable insight…


Consider The Capital Syndicate your personally guided private money brokering tour by financial genius Lee Arnold!

Want to know more about The Capital Syndicate training program? Well of course, you do! 

Have a looksie at this brief video that shares even more of the awesome. Enjoy.

The TCS Main Point

With The Capital Syndicate, regular real estate investors can produce great income as a private money brokering liaison. It’s all thanks to Lee Arnold carefully breaking down the private money lending and brokering process from start to finish wi
th easy-to-follow steps that get results fast.

In The Capital Syndicate, Lee shares is time-tested, proven methods for finding real estate investors — in a smart, systematic way — who have the need for funding… and he demonstrates how you can easily connect those investors from across the U.S. to that very funding. 

Lee Arnold + The Capital Syndicate

Patrick Riddle, President MKI with some good words: Lee “Mr. Capital Syndicate” Arnold has been deal-making for more than 20 years, and teaching students his REI private money strategies & methods since 1995.

I believe he is one of the most skilled investors and financial experts there is… a repeat deal-maker… and a truly decent person. Having racked up thousands of transactions himself and ushering in an innovative way to fund real estate investing deals with private money — this man of faith is as smart as they come with a backbone of honesty and integrity.

His lengthy track record of deals and private money brokering is all the evidence you need to know he’s legit. What’s more, some of it didn’t come easy, and he’s sharing the good, the bad and the ugly… so you don’t encounter the same mistakes he did. High-five to Lee.

When you watch The Capital Syndicate training, you’ll see that he LOVES sharing and teaching his private money strategies to other investors, so they, too, can reap the rewards from successful REI endeavors.

I hereby cordially invite you to dive all in to this incredible new training from a pioneering mentor and coach.

Lee’s training:

  • Shows you how to become a money-making private money broker as quickly as possible, in simple, straightforward steps, with part-time effort 
  • Accelerates your Capital Syndicate journey with best practices, tools, amp sessions and resources

Here’s the Thing: You can start doing this right now in just about any market in the United States — without a license. With The Capital Syndicate, you’ll be prepared to crush the lucrative and under-tapped niche of private money for real estate… enjoying funding for your own deals, connecting funds to other investors and scooping up paychecks — quickly and painlessly, without even going to the closing table.

Sounds pretty great, right?

So, check out this official press release to see if The Capital Syndicate is right for your investing business. (Um, it most likely is!) I really think you’re gonna love Lee’s approach to private money.


Patrick, out!

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  1. Barry says:

    Is this legal for GA residents? I notice it’s legal in almost every state.

  2. Lou Snipp says:

    I have looked over your program. Please send the initial start package. I am ready to begin.

  3. David Taber says:

    Please send me a link to sign up. I watched the video last night and I went to sign up and it disappeared. Thank you.


  4. Damian HIll says:

    please send info