FREE Webinar: How to Recruit Millions in Cash from Private Investors for Your Real Estate Deals

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Are you struggling as a beginning real estate investor because you don’t have the financing resources or know how to get started? Do you lack the confidence of making an all cash offer due to not knowing if you could hold up on your end of the bargain? Have you missed a great deal because you didn’t have the funds to purchase it?

If you said yes to anyone one of these questions, this webinar is for you. How would you like to have private money to finance all of your deals at your finger tips? Just a click away . . .

The last deal that I got financed for our company took one click on my mouse. A day later, the private lender asked me two questions and committed to financing the deal. I have built relationships like this over a number of years but that’s how easy it can be. No hoops to jump through and no red tape.


FREE Webinar

How to Recruit Million$ in Cash

from Private Investor$

for Your Real Estate Deal$

When: Next Thursday, August 21st

Who: Trevor, from theREIbrain, and Yours Truly, Patrick Riddle

How to Sign Up: By subscribing to the email updates on the site, you will automatically receive an invite.


Not only is the webinar FREE, which will be about an hour that’s jam packed with tips, secrets, strategies, and mistakes to avoid when borrowing from private investors, but you’ll get . . .


The Most Incredible FREE gift Ever!

A ready to present, fully customizable and time tested, scripted power point presentation to use to recruit millions of dollars in cash from private investors for your real estate deals. And that’s not all!

You also receive the the accompanying eBook, How to Recruit Millions in Cash from Private Investors for Your Real Estate Deals! All for FREE! (this set would retail for $299.97)

Trevor, over at theREIbrain, has done a great job getting the word out about the webinar. Based on all the sign ups that he has through his site, you better sign up quick if you want all of these FREE bonuses. Remember, all you have to do is sign up for the email updates on the site.

And by the way, unlike all those other teleconference calls or webinars that you’ve been on, this is a NO-PITCH content-stuffed power-packed hour of nothing but the best information on how to have investors lined up around the block to fund your real estate deals! And if we have time, I’ll go over how to recruit millions all from a click on your mouse.

If you’re not chomping at the bit to get in on this opportunity, you’re either an idiot or you don’t care about becoming a successful real estate investor. Either way, this site probably isn’t for you.

Write any questions that you have about recruiting private money in the comments to this post. I will do my best to answer them in the webinar.

I look forward to seeing you there next Thursday!




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  1. Chris says:

    My question?

    What SEC or goverment regulations do I need to be aware of when soliciting private money?

    Do I need to register with the SEC as an offering?

  2. Patrick Riddle says:

    Great Question Chris!

    The best way to recruit private money and steer clear of any SEC problems is to use one investor per property.

    In other words, do not pool investor money. I do not know the specific regulations to tell you.

    I would recommend talking to an attorney in your area about it though.

    I don’t think hard money lenders typically register with the SEC.

  3. Randy Adkins says:

    The information in this webinar is priceless. Thanks for sharing you expertise. I am on a mission to raise private money now that I have the tools and guidance.

  4. kofi larbi says:

    am new on your website and am not sure this the right place to write my question,
    my question is when looking for private money from and individual what percentage is reasonable or how much interest is reasonable for the private money (person)

  5. Patrick Riddle says:

    As an investor, you would want to recruit the funds at the lowest possible rate that you can. I have typically paid 10 to 12% for private investor funds and sometimes more if I needed it to close a deal.

    It will also depend on what type of person you are approaching with the opportunity. I usually find out what someone is currently making and see if I can do better.

  6. kofi larbi says:

    Thanks for the information,do you know of any private lenders in atlanta that you can recomend
    thanks for your time

  7. Patrick Riddle says:

    I do not have anyone to recommend to you in Atlanta. Part of the process of recruiting private money is getting the word out yourself. Personal relationships are the key to having private investors lined up to fund your deals.

    Just start telling everyone you know about what your doing and how your investment program works. That will be a great start!

  8. greg carlton says:

    please contact me with the powerpoint presentation and the other informatiun offered after the the webiner on 9/2/08.thanks greg carlton.information was fantastic and i can do that.

  9. Very insightful post. Do you have a youtube channel to share??

  10. Patrick Riddle says:

    Our youtube channel is

    We’ll going to be doing a ton of videos coming up so stay tuned for some action.

    Unlike all the other videos on youtube, instead of just pitching products and services, we’re going to be giving you real life real estate investing tips and strategies that work!

    And how do we know they work . . . because we’re out in the field doing them everyday.

  11. Patrick,

    Please send me the Powerpoint and other information you mentioned at the REIA tonight on this webinar. I had orginally signed up for it but was unable to attend.