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Alright alright alright — I have the goods for you today — my very own review of MicroMarket A.I. by Ken Wade. Uh, well, what I mean is Ken and MicroMarket A.I. are the goods, but my review ain’t too shabby either. ?

Hey there, JP Moses here… see, I just finished an incredible journey working virtually with Ken (and his ‘co-pilot’ Christina Krause) as they created this unique micro-market artificial intelligence real estate training: MicroMarket A.I.

So, I’m here to share with you what MicroMarket A.I. is, why it’s so awesome and some of the cool things you’ll get from it.

Take a look…

A smart but also simple step-by-step system that clearly explains how real estate investors can systematically use proprietary intel to make world-class investing decisions, which allows you to boost your REI business and enjoy game-changing results in just about any U.S. market.

Awesome, right?

Well, I’m sure you’re going to love Ken’s new remarkable training program about micromarkets — I definitely do.

For real — MicroMarket A.I. by Ken Wade is REI greatness that gives newer and seasoned investors an uncommon view into their target market. MicroMarket A.I. gives real estate investors a peek through a lens most people don’t have or even know about — all because of Ken’s genius proprietary data and rare technical analysis (TA), with tons of target market examples.

How, you ask.

Read on…

What is MicroMarket A.I. anyway?

It’s all about micromarkets. MicroMarket A.I. by Ken Wade is for newish and seasoned investors who want to become a Local Market Master in your target market — to profit quickly and repeatedly.

Sound awesome?

Well, then Ken’s training program is for you. It’s unlike anything else because it enables you to find money “hiding in plain sight” by truly understanding market cycles and seasons, so you can systematically profit from it — while learning from the best and brightest.

Here’s the thing… Ken has been an active investor since way back in the good ole 1980s. And, he’s been teaching others about REI for just about the same amount of time.

So, when Ken lets us in on his proven, secret-until-now strategies, we pay attention…

MicroMarket A.I. is broken down into 3 key video module presentations:

  • Each module is loaded with details and actionable info
  • All of the audios and videos are easy to follow (complete with bloopers!) — and clearly explain everything you need to know about micromarket intel
  • And: enjoy extras like “Amplifier Training” video sessions, tools, resources and more

What Do I Get from MicroMarket A.I.?

Well, in MicroMarket A.I. you’ll discover:

  • See: a rare view into your target market right now
  • Data: proprietary intel
  • Opportunity: understanding + embracing this micromarket strategy
  • TA: rare technical analysis
  • Local: all the goods to be a local market master
  • Real Life: tons of real deals as proper examples
  • Level-Up: make decisions like a world-class investor
  • Mind: get your mindset right
  • 4: specific investor types
  • 2: goals, pros & cons of transactional dealmaking vs. investing
  • Market: 4 specific types of local real estate markets
  • Basics: 101 of market cycles & seasons
  • VS: vibrant vs declining market
  • Phase: what Wealth Phase markets are and why they’re important
  • Think: like a world-class investor
  • Intel: understand your Target Market Summary
  • Trajectory: see your Target Market Summary’s cycle and where it’s going
  • Colors: loads of color-coded charts and maps
  • 80/20: snapshot of counties / zips / neighborhoods
  • $: get paid
  • Map: understanding your MicroMarket Report & Map
  • Pro tips and so much more…

Bottom Line for MicroMarket A.I.

So, MicroMarket A.I. gives newer and seasoned investors everything needed to earn money from micromarket opportunities. And, you’ll get Ken’s expert guidance, tools and walk-through demos so you can take action right away to become a Local Market Master.

Now, take a look at my brief but detailed video, reviewing this amazing new training program.


MicroMarket by Ken Wade

Ken Wade is a deal-maker, mentor and number-crunching genius. He’s been investing since the ‘80s and teaching others his REI strategies along the way. He LOVES REI.

See, not only is Ken a skilled investor with loads of real-life deal experience… but he’s also an incredible data specialist, which you’ll see in this training. Plus, he’s just an all-around good guy with a positive attitude.

And, as you’ll hear him explain, Ken’s roughed it in the School of Hard Knocks and is generously sharing his goof-ups with you, so you avoid them. Told ya he’s great! Ken is passionate about teaching people his MicroMarket A.I. strategy, and helps you through the learning curve in a quick, easy-to-follow way. I highly recommend you embrace this unique opportunity.

Ken Wade

Ken WadeOk, Ken Wade is the dude you want as a coach and teacher— simply do what he teaches, and you’ll be all set!

With MicroMarket A.I. training, Ken breaks down and demos the whole MAI process, showing you exactly how you can crush this unique opportunity.

See, in countless U.S. market, you can achieve success with his MicroMarket A.I. strategy. You’ll be become a Local Market Master — quickly and easily.

I strongly suggest you to check it out right now — I’m certain that MicroMarket A.I. would be great for you.

Think it’ll be a good fit for your REI business? Check out the official press release here.



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