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How To Recruit Millions In Cash From Private Investors For Your Real Estate Deals

Step By Step How To Get Private Money: How A Complete NON-GURU Full-Time Real Estate Investor From South Carolina Has Recruited Over $6 million (and counting) In Private Money For His Deals In Less Than 6 Years...

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Get the LATEST TIPS and Expert Advice from a NON-GURU full-time investor on Getting Private Money for your real estate deals in this FREE live webinar.


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  • When: Replay coming soon, So sign up today! (Take A Look At What Some Attedees From Our Last Live Pitch Free Workshop Had To Say... )

    "This was excellent! Loved the step-by-step stuff and examples. Thanks guys! " - Alan

    "...just wanted to say THANKS for a great Webinar! and private money scripts and resources!!" - Mark

    "I thought you guys did a great job, the program was easy to follow & you guys played off of each other well... looking forward to the next one!" - Peter

  • What: 60-75 minutes (depending on how long the Q&A runs) of going through exactly how to recruit, market to, present to, structure deals with, etc. private money lenders. Including:
    • The speaking script
    • The powerpoint presentation used to present to potential lenders
    • The websites used for the different parts of the REI business
    • The marketing methods used to recruit
    • The forms used to structure deals
    • The refined process that has built up an expansive list of private money lenders.
  • Cost: 100% Free. This is a pure content NO-PITCH webinar. Can't beat that with a 10 foot poll... huh?
  • Free Bonus Gifts To Live Attendees: The Powerpoint presentation template used to present to potential private money lenders... as well as the exact speaking script that you should follow to better convert potential lenders into actual lenders for your deals (the download links will be given on the webinar).

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No More Half-Baked Content With A Big Ol' Product Pitch At The End... This Is The Real Deal... 100% Free... 100% Pure Content... 100% Pitch Free On Exactly How to Reel In Private Investors To Fund Your Real Estate Deals...

Inside this live webinar, you’ll learn:
  • The strategies used today to find potential private money lenders... and where to market to attract new prospects
  • How to properly structure a private money loan so you as the investor are protected... but also so the lender feels comfortable and safe with their investment
  • How to price your private money loans so they make sense for your profitability... but also so they are virtually a no brainer for investors
  • Why most investors are more than willing to wait for 6, 9, or 12 months to be repayed on the loan... (it's all in how you present to the investor and how the deal is structured) ... and a ton more...
Patrick Riddle And The REI Brain Will Walk You Through The Process Of Getting Private Money... It's Easier Than You Think When You Have The Right Tools... Start with the Step-by-Step Instructional Webinar, and Combine It With The Powerful Powerpoint Presentation and Speaking Script To Close The Deal Each And Every Time (remember, all of it is FREE and part of the webinar!):

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The 14 Slide Customizable Private Money Lender Presentation and Accompanying Speaking Script Will Help You Close The Deal With New Lenders!


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What are you waiting for? If you're serious about real estate investing, having several private money lenders on your site is essential... no matter if your are wholesaling, rehabbing, buying income properties, etc. And... if you think this whole thing sounds too good to be true... free instructional webinars with ABSOLUTELY NO PRODUCT PITCHING AT ALL... with free support materials to get you going... ...well... I agree. It does sound too good to be true... but that's where I think real estate investing education has gone wrong in the last few years. Everyone is programmed to think that there's a catch or they have to be subject to a pitchfest at the end of the webinar. Well... as crazy as we are over here... we think it oughtta be a bit easier for people like you and me to get exceptional real estate investing education... and at a great cost... or even free! So, that's it. No catch. No hook. No credit card required. No product pitch. Just 100% pure instructional content with ALL of the materials you need to get going. Pretty cool huh?

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