Shae Bynes – The Best and Brightest Women in Real Estate Investing

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Shannon_BynesWelcome back for Part 3 in’s series, “The Best and Brightest Women in Real Estate Investing!”

New to the series? If so, start with the introduction.

This week, I’m super excited to have Shae Bynes – investor, blogger at Good Faith Investing, and Private Money Blueprint student – with us. You may remember her from the recent post, “3 Private Money Lenders in 49 Days.”

Shae’s seriously kicking some butt these days getting private money, closing deals, and has a growing fan club over on her blog. In other words, she’s gettin’ it done!

But, she didn’t get to where she is today without going through the school of hard knocks.

So listen close. Shae’s got a story to tell ya. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Shae Bynes | Best and Brightest Women in Real Estate Investing

Take it away Mrs. Bynes…

Right on Shae! You go girl!

Thanks for sharing so much with us :-)

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~ Patrick

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  1. Julie says:

    Shae – great advice!! I love the advice you’re giving the folks who are struggling to start. I call it Shiny Penny syndrome. There are so many ways to make money in real estate and you do have to do exactly what you’re suggesting … and I would take it a little further and say don’t be distracted by other people’s success AND also don’t be discouraged by the failures of others either. I’ve heard so many people steer away from real estate because they “know someone” that lost their shirt doing flips or doing rentals or something else. Believe in what you’re doing and keep going!! Awesome video! And your report is SO valuable. I can’t wait to hear how it helps so many people.
    .-= Julie´s last blog ..Investing in Rent to Own Property Book Review =-.

  2. Dave Peniuk says:

    Great video and suggestions Shae! I love your comment about letting other successful people motivate you but don’t let them distract you. Fantastic WOW – words of wisdom.

    Keep it up SB!


  3. Steph says:

    Awesome video, Shae!

    I wish I would have taken your advice when I was just getting started and picked ONE investing strategy, and then focused in on it until I was successful. It wasn’t until I lasered in on one niche of REI that I finally started having success. It’s hard to focus, especially when you’re just getting started, but if you let yourself wander you’ll be bouncing around from course to course and webinar to webinar forever!!

    Thanks for Sharing!

    Steph :)
    .-= Steph´s last blog ..Steph Goes to the Beach =-.

  4. Esi says:

    Shae, you have a great story for everyone to learn from. I like your advice of not getting distracted by other people’s successes or even failures. Because someone is successful wholesaling real estate, does not mean you will have the same success in your own market because you really don’t know the whole story except what they tell you. Investing in real estate is very hard in the beginning because of the pitfalls and learning curve, but once you get a strategy and master it, making better choices along the way, it will be smooth sailing. When I first started I imagined myself climbing a mountain and I knew that when there was an obstacle I was very close to the top and if I could rise above it, I was going to get to the top and it kept me going no matter what. You look pretty comfortable in front of the camera. Good job Shae.

  5. Shae says:

    Ladies and Gent :-), thanks so much for the kind comments!

    Julie, I think you’re exactly right…don’t be distracted by success and don’t be distracted by failure either. Stay the course!

    Dave, really appreciate it!

    Steph, I remember in early 2008 when I went from webinar to webinar…fortunately I didn’t buy everything BUT I had a heck of a time narrowing things down and focusing on our strategy..which is a blended one, but a focused one.

    Esi, thanks! You’re spot on with your comments, my friend. I love how you imagined climbing a mountain. It’s a great analogy for what its like when you’re forging ahead. I played softball for years as a kid so I always think about how the game wasn’t won with homerun after homerun…its won with singles, doubles, and triples too! Just keep going to bat and swinging!
    .-= Shae´s last blog ..“No Monkey Offers” Returns! =-.

  6. Dad says:

    Hi Shae, I just viewed the video. GREAT JOB!!!! KEEP FOCUSED..You are on your way to success.



  7. Wow! Shae you rocked it!
    First, thank you so much for sharing the info on getting distracted, I think we all have run into that. And the 7day action plan is right on time; a very valuable resource I’m going to use and implement. I can tell a lot of work went into it so thanks buddy.

    Keep on doing what you are doing and inspiring us fellow investors to make it happen as well.
    .-= Bill Lassiter´s last blog ..Are you Marketing Consistently Updated =-.

  8. Shae says:

    @Dad, thank you (and love you)!

    @Dolla Bill, thank you as always for your kind words and ongoing support. Keep rockin’ it with your real estate investing and I hope you love the 7-day action plan!
    .-= Shae´s last blog ..“No Monkey Offers” Returns! =-.

  9. Rachel says:

    Awesome video, Shae! You give some really good advice about focusing on what your goals are and what you’re doing instead of getting distracted with other things out there. In the beginning, I was the same way too. There were so many people doing so many different things. And, those things all really sounded really interesting. I tried to learn it all. It was only when I focused (just like Steph said) that things started to happen. I guess the saying is true, “Jack of all trades, master of none.” I’d rather be the master, thanks for a great video! :)

  10. Phil Bynes says:

    Wow sweetie, awesome video you do Good Faith Investing proud. It plugs right into the many conversations we have had on establishing a “Why”. Whenever you figure out a purpose for why you do what you do, that same purpose will act like a compass and keep you on track. Your communication skills astound me.

  11. Shae says:

    @Rachel, thanks so much! Jack of all trades, master of none. So true :-)

    @Phil, you’re the best hubby and biz partner a gal could ask for! Thanks (and love you)!
    .-= Shae´s last blog ..“No Monkey Offers” Returns! =-.



  13. Shae says:

    Thanks Householder Properties :-)
    .-= Shae´s last blog ..1000 Postcards- Monkey Offers- and a 7-Day Action Plan =-.

  14. Carey_PA says:

    First I want to say “awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww” to Shae’s Dad’s post. That was cute.

    Now awesome, awesome video Shae. I think that FOCUS is the key for anyone…you are dead on there. I loved your ebook and I hope everyone takes the time to pick it up and FOCUS….it’s worth it for sure!
    .-= Carey_PA´s last blog ..Buying Your ATM with Private Money =-.

  15. Dave says:

    Shae and Pat,

    Some great points raised here! From taking action getting started to keeping focused and avoiding distractions…well stated

  16. Shae says:

    @Carey, thanks so much for your comments! I’m glad you enjoyed the ebook!

    @Dave, thank you! It’s the basics we’re talkin’ about here, but its the basics that are often overlooked.
    .-= Shae´s last blog ..1000 Postcards- Monkey Offers- and a 7-Day Action Plan =-.

  17. Glenn says:

    Mrs. Bynes,

    Your advice is both profound and wise. Thank you for taking the time to share your insights with us.