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Hey there…

Coming at you is an incredible unique asymmetric real estate investing opportunity — and honestly: it’s a super-smart idea for both newish and seasoned investors!

Check this out…

In the warmth and comfort of your home, you can follow along with easy-to-understand, detailed steps of how to systematically find tax-delinquent property lists then scoop up those properties for only the cost of taxes owed — with any amount of money — in markets across the U.S.


Sounds sweet, right?!

Well, now newbie and even more seasoned real estate investors can do just that with Tax Yields by Jay Drexel.

So yeah, safe to say I’m thrilled to share Jay’s Tax Yields training program! Why? Because it’s a brilliant systematic step-by-step walkthrough of how you can consistently zero in on tax sale property lists and tax lien auctions and repeatedly profit from countless remote(!) markets of your choice — while learning from two incredible real estate investors and coaches.

Yep, you get Jay and his super-smart, super-experienced co-caption, Phil Kessler.

These guys show you exactly how to use the Tax Yields strategy and dish out loads of tools, resources, and more goodies to help you do tax yield deals as soon as possible. We’ve got expert guidance and tons of demos, so you can be an expert Tax Yields investor in no time. You’ll be able to level up your bottom line while riding momentum into higher levels of Tax Yields investing — profiting quickly and repeatedly.

Jay and Phil teach you the entire Tax Yields process, including detailed walkthrough demos and a bunch more actionable info! Basically, everything you need to crush Tax Yield deals.

Tax Yields: The Goods

In Jay’s jam-packed training program with a series of video modules, he and Phil break down the Tax Yields program into easy-to-follow video presentations that show you how to profit from Tax Yield deals in the markets of your choice. These guys have been doing this for years, and now they’re generously sharing all of their proven info and knowledge in this straightforward training. Thanks, guys, y’all are swell!

Here’s the best part: After you finish all the easy-to-understand yet comprehensive training, you can start taking action on what you learn right away. Yeah, like now! It’s a simple but super-effective tax yield strategy.

Take a gander at what this is…

Tax Yields: What in the world is it?

The training is broken down into 3 core video presentations:

  • 01: Kick Start
  • 02: Learning the Game
  • 03: Game On!

The Kick Start is deliberately designed to be your “Mall Map.” You’ll get a solid foundation of what you’re about to learn in the complete training, so you can begin as soon as possible!

In Module 2, Learning the Game, Jay and Phil helps us understand the two kinds of “players,” and the essentials you need to know, like state and county rules, levels of Tax Yields investing and much more.

Game On is Module 3, where the guys share smart principles so you’re set up to win, plus the 4 steps to begin investing… which you can put to good use, fast.

And, we’re serving up tons of related resources, tools, extra “amplifier” training videos and more.

Look — this training is loaded with incredible actionable information.

Want to know more about Tax Yields? Of course, you do! Check it out…

Inside Video Review of Tax Yields Training

Tax Yields Testimonials

OK, Jay isn’t just a genius investor… he’s also an experienced mentor, innovator, business owner and teacher who loves helping regular people like you and me begin or level up their REI business. He’s enjoyed enormous success with his Tax Yields intel… and he’s generously sharing it with you! Yay for Jay (and Phil)!

Combined, they’ve done a bazillion transactions and they’re ready to help us with the Tax Yields training.

It’s all because of his easy-to-follow formulaic approach to tax-delinquent properties with this little-known opportunity.

Here are some real responses — feedback in their own words — from real investors who Jay helped with Tax Yield deals…

“Love your straightforward, no B.S approach to real estate investing, I’ve attached the 4 properties I have invested in for you to review. A net return of 22% on 11 properties! Thanks again.” — Lucy Pederson

“I have been to many of the seminars and bought all of the real estate courses so I was skeptical. I was also hesitant about investing in a different area from where I live. But it is super simple, if you can check your email you can use it! The advisor call was super helpful, talking me through the entire process. I now own tax lien certificates on 7 properties!. The staff has been great and very professional.” — Michael W.

“It is a complete game-changer. I used to fix and flip properties but it was a BIG headache. Now that I am investing in tax defaulted , I skipped all those pain in the butt renovations and delays by contractors. I just grab the lien online and get checks from the county. This is as passive as it gets!” — Ivan Mesa

Ready for Tax Yields?

I’m fairly certain you’re gonna say yes…

Begin here: Take a look at this official press release to learn even more about Jay’s awesome training program to see if his Tax Yields method is a good fit for you. (I’m thinking it is!)

And, with Jay’s training, you’ll have everything you need to systematically tap into this asymmetric opportunity, with high potential upside, low downside risk, and low competition… across the United States — and revel in some nice profits along the way. SO great!

When you follow Jay’s training just as he and Phil explain it — you’ll become a Tax Yields investor in no time.

Sweet, right?

Well, I suggest you take a look at Tax Yields by Jay Drexel. You’ll love his strategy… just like the nice folks who shared their testimonials.

You’re headed right into profits from Tax Yield deals. :-)



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