The Simple Way to Overcome Real Estate Investing Obstacles

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Real Estate Investing ObstaclesIn today’s post, Julie Broad of Rev N You is going to break down the simple way to overcome your real estate investing obstacles . . .

Tony Robbins has often been quoted as saying “You get what you focus on”. I think that powerful statement is the simple answer to so many challenges we face in our lives.

On a recent mountain bike ride down one of Vancouver’s north shore mountains, I experienced first hand the power of this statement. As we were cruising along I noticed a fairly large tree root sticking up from the ground on the trail ahead. I had enough room to pass on the left, but it was tight. I started to get nervous about hitting the root. I was in control of my bike and I was able to slow down, but my focus remained on the root.

My front tire hit the root dead on and – in what felt like slow motion – my back tire lifted off the ground, I felt my body lift from my seat and I was thrown over my handlebars headfirst into the bushes. Thankfully I had a helmet on and was going slowly. I was stunned, but not badly injured. My husband was of course relieved I was ok, but he was also surprised that I had hit the root. He knew I was capable of riding that trial and maneuvering my bike around it. I had navigated tougher terrain than that before. So, what went wrong?

I did the same thing on my mountain bike that so many new real estate investors do. I focused on the problem instead of looking ahead to my destination and figuring out how to get there. As Henry Ford so eloquently stated, “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.”

I didn’t pick my path and go for it. I focused on the root – and I hit it.

If you focus on the fact that you don’t have any money for a down payment, or you have bad credit, or you don’t think you can find financing for a property then you will hit those barriers and not get past them.

I am not suggesting you ignore the obstacles – you have to be aware of the challenge you face in order to navigate past it. I just think the simplest way to overcome an obstacle is to avoid making the obstacle the focus.

Your focus should be on where you’re going next and how you’re going to get there.

If you don’t have money for a down payment to buy a property, start creating excellent property deals that people with money would want to invest in. If you have bad credit, take measures to repair your credit and learn all about real estate investing in the meantime. If you think you can’t find financing for a property, talk to people who are getting financing and learn how they do it.

If you find your focus remaining on your obstacle, ask yourself “What do I want?” and you’ll find your focus shifting to the direction you want to go.

So, next time I ride a challenging mountain bike trail and encounter a scary looking root, I am going to remind myself that what I want is to navigate around it safely. I will focus on the options I have for getting around it not on the obstacle itself.


Julie Broad is a full time real estate investor and educator. She specializes in buy and hold real estate investing. To get expert advice on making money with rental property, sign up for Julie Broad’s free monthly newsletter. Get your free report for making money with real estate here.

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  1. BMV Property says:

    Thanks for the post. I like the Tony Robbins quote. You’re right it can be to easy to think reasons why not to do something. People who are successful are do’ers not don’ters.
    At the moment it is easy to say that it isn’t a good time to invest at the moment but I guarantee you there are plenty of people out there making money from property.

  2. I agree. In difficult times you have to look for opportunities even harder and have more confidence in your decisions.