What is “Your First BNB” by Brian Page?

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How would you like to earn solid, consistent short-term rental income without even owning real estate? Sounds pretty good, right?!

Well, Patrick here, and I’m super-excited to tell you about an awesome new real estate investing training program called Your First BNB by Brian Page.

Your First BNB by Brian Page

This awesome, time-saving training program is the perfect step-by-step walk-through for how to land your first BNB without evening owning the property. But, Brian also offers up other strategies for these short-term rentals if you do want to invest in owning the properties.

Brian has been quietly (and very successfully) using these genius, low-risk BNB strategies for years—truth be told, his primary approach is actually a strategy I’d never even considered before, and he’s crushing with it! As are his hundreds of students.

In these modules, Brian breaks down Your First BNB training into a few, easy-to-consume videos that show you step-by-step how to make a solid income with low risk by hosting BNBs. Like I said, Brian’s been doing this for years, and now he’s sharing all of his BNB knowledge in this straightforward training. 

The beauty of this strategy is that after you’ve gone through all the comprehensive training, you can begin taking action on what you learn right away. It’s a simple but powerful strategy.

Allow me to explain…

What is Your First BNB?

So, I’ve been through the whole thing, so let me break down for you exactly what you’ll find inside the training

  • Module 01: Your First BNB Kickstart
  • Module 02: Embrace the BNB Opportunity
  • Module 03: Choose Your Target Market
  • Module 04: Find Your Ideal Property
  • Module 05: The Property Owner “Easy Pitch”
  • Module 06: Cross the Finish Line 
Your First BNB: Kickstart

Your First BNB Kickstart is designed to give you a solid foundation, so you can hit the ground running, woohoo!

It’s really all about taking those first, necessary action steps to start moving Your First BNB ball forward sooner than later. The whole training is really action-focused, and it starts in the very first module.

Your First BNB: Embrace the BNB Opportunity

In Module 2, Embrace the BNB Opportunity, Brian talks through his own “origin story” of how he got into BNBs, the global industry-changing impact of Airbnb, a high-level orientation of three, main “profit models” he uses to make have such great success with his BNBs, and how you can do this strategy (and make great money actually) even without much money or owning a property. Plus, you’ll hear real-life success stories.

Your First BNB: Choose Your Target Market

Choose Your Target Market is Module 3, where Brian walks through how to choose your ideal target market for your first BNB, including tackling the “big 3” market-filtering questions you’ll be asking yourself.

Your First BNB: Find Your Ideal Property

Brace yourself for Module 4, Find Your Ideal Property. You’ll learn every mother-loving thing Brian knows about how to go about finding the ideal property for your first BNB. Turns out it’s really not that hard, but there’s definitely some ninja-skills Brian teaches to narrow your focus on only the properties that really matter for this strategy.

Your First BNB: The Property Owner “Easy Pitch”

In Module 5’s The Property Owner “Easy Pitch”, Brian shares his simple “easy pitch” you can use when talking with owners, and—great news—it doesn’t feel salesy. It’s just a simple, straightforward way to offer the property owner a much better deal than they’re already looking at right now. ALl scripted simply in a way you can easily just swipe-and-deploy yourself.

Your First BNB: Cross the Finish Line

Finally, with Module 6 you’ll Cross the Finish Line. You’ll learn about which lease paperwork to use, Brian’s addendums, some of his ninja best practices and a few more BNB essentials. Important final pieces of the BNB puzzle, for sure.

I’m telling you, this training is packed with incredible actionable info…

So, check out this brief video review of Your First BNB by Brain Page that tells you a little more about it. Enjoy. :-)

Your First BNB: The Bottom Line

With Brian’s training, you have everything you need to land your first Airbnb listing (or Homeaway, or VRBO listing) in the next 30 days (or less) without even having to own any real estate. 

When the training is followed just as Brian instructs—with some good ole fashioned determination and action—the results will be extremely satisfying. 

From Module 1, Your First BNB provides the directions, demos, amp sessions, resources and tools so you can begin earning income from short-term rentals from just about anywhere in the U.S. 

Sound good to you?

Then I suggest you check out the official press release to learn more about this remarkable training program and see if Brian’s strategy is right for you.  

Your first BNB awaits.

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    thank u for your article, very nice.

    can training work outside the united states?
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