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Today is a great day! I have something amazing to share with you that’s going to level-up your REI game—no matter if you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro. How does this sound?

So, you’re in your PJs, sitting on your comfy couch, laptop on your, well, lap… finding a plethora of amazing seller leads online in any market you want…

Awesome, right?!

Well, I’ve got just the thing that can make that reality for you: The Z-Code by Joe McCall

The Z-Code is REI ninjery at its finest, and that few other investors are even aware of. And it gives you absolutely everything you need to fill your seller lead engine quickly and easily.

Check this out…

The Z-Code Awezomeness

Okay, party people, this highly effective training program teaches new and seasoned investors how to systematically harvest leads from Zillow. In typical Joe McCall form, the entire training orbits around a comprehensive mind map with helpful checklists included.

These training modules are broken down into easy-to-follow videos demonstrating the entire process—from setting a solid foundation of important core values and principles to the exact steps needed to target and find sellers to gathering critical intel, using an Excel calculator for fast and easy ARV calculations, how to contact the sellers and how to keep track of all your work.

Seriously, The Z-Code offers all the essential ingredients, plus the expert insight and action items to take you to the next level… focusing on an arena where most of the competition isn’t. Best of all, you can be successful with this strategy in just about any market—virtually and in your own backyard.

And here’s the thing, we know it works. And really well too…

See, Joe has been using this strategy with incredible success for a while now. He’s peeling back the kimono to help us crush it too. (Thanks, Joe. Atta boy to you!)

Z-Code Specifics

Okay okay, you want details about this training program… gotcha covered…

Within Z-Code, you’ll discover…

  • How to understand your ideal outcomes for the Z-Code leads you’re about to start seeing.
  • Creating marketing that ‘speaks’ to your sellers.
  • Being a transaction engineer vs. one-trick pony
  • Joe’s top buying strategy right now (and why the market is begging for it)
  • Exactly how to research your market quickly using Zillow.
  • Plus sooo much more about VAs, tracking, targeting markets, finding “Secret Sellers”, templates, website resources and even more! (For real!)

Look, consider The Z-Code your personally guided seller lead strategy tour by the one and only Joe McCall… think about how valuable that is!

Want to know more about The Z-Code training program? Of course you do! Here’s a brief video that shares more of the awesome. Enjoy. :-)

My Quick Review of The Z-Code by Joe McCall

But don’t just take my word for it…

The Z-Code Testimonials

“$6,750 from a Zillow For Sale by Owner. I sent a quick email to 30 buyers and out of 30 buyers,
2 contacted me. Thanks to you, Joe.”

“Joe’s systems make the difference.”

“What Joe is doing is pretty unique. It’s different than what I’ve heard before and the way he teaches it is in a way that makes it digestible and understandable.”

“I implemented everything Joe told me to implement. I did it exactly the way he told me to do it… and I’ve got a check for $7,995!”

Wanna Give The Z-Code A Go?

Thought you might ;-)

Because you can probably start to see why this is one of my favorite strategies from Joe…

I suggest you check out the official press release to learn more about this remarkable training program and see if Joe’s strategy is right for you.

Know this: With The Z-Code, you can begin using this incredible strategy right away to pinpoint your ideal target market and collect the necessary details to do “Z Deals” anywhere in the country.

Don’t let anything hold you back…

And remember, the training program comes with so many goodies: several downloadable docs, including Joe’s all-encompassing mind map, contracts and checklists—as well as a lengthy list of online resources and the super-helpful Excel calculator.

Plus, he’s giving you a free copy of his Wholesaling Lease Options book.

Listen—the Z-Code gives you absolutely everything needed to fill your seller lead engine to the max.

Starting right now.

Dig in.

Later guys,


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  1. Grant Powell says:

    I am interested in the Z code system

  2. The majority of properties on Zillow—now—are represented by brokers… that removes the seller from direct negotiation. Yes—?