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cut and pasteOK, so you’re out there mixing it up, marketing for motivated sellers… The leads are rolling in, and you’re starting to actually come across what seem to be viable deals worth considering… Yay, you!

But uh oh, here’s a problem: Turns out, you’re not entirely sure yet how to accurately assess the ARV and/or wrap your mind around what a property is worth in today’s market. (Hint: Don’t simply rely on Zillow or Trulia!)

It’s OK, we’ve all been there :-)

If this is you, then take heart, friend! I’ve got a handy resource for you today — it’s something you can simply “copy and paste” that can be a big help to you if you need help analyzing your deals.

Here’s the deal: One of the best ways you can solve this problem is to get
a Realtor on your team who’s willing to quickly help you out with reliable comps from the MLS whenever you need them. I mean a team player by your side who has experience and knowledge, and who can help you evaluate and know what properties are worth.

And believe it or not, one of the easiest, most  straightforward ways to make this happen is via Craiglist.

Yep, you heard me. Craigslist as a solid, proven way of tapping Realtors to do comps for you. Sounds too easy? I know…but trust me, it works!

Here’s my simple cut-and-paste ad…

Below is a simple Craigslist ad you can post to get a Reator on board. It’s swiped right from the “Resources” section of my Investor Profits on Demand training.

The goal of this ad is to get a Realtor on board as a valuable member of your power team to do your comps for you, and help you evaluate and know what properties are worth. As you’ll see, we aren’t going over any details at this point about why we want a Realtor on the team and the value that we can provide them. All that can come later.

This is a “foot in the door” strategy to get you in front of your potential new team member, so you can feel them out to see if they’re a good fit.

Headline Suggestions:

  • Looking For Reliable Realtor In The “X” Area

  • Local Real Estate Investment Company Seeking Realtor In The “X” Area


Hey, if you’re a licensed Realtor in the “X” area, this may be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for… We’re a real estate investment company that buys properties locally… and we’re on the lookout for a bright, driven and reliable Realtor seeking a profitable long-term relationship.

There are two requirements…

1) You must have a passion for real estate.

2) You must be extremely detail oriented.

If interested in learning more, reply to this email with a brief description of yourself and your experience as an agent.

After reviewing your information, we’ll let you know if we’d like to take the next step. If so, we’ll get together for a cup of coffee or lunch and discuss more details.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


[Insert Name]

That’s it. That’s all there is to it. I told you it was simple.

You know how earlier I mentioned earlier that this proven ad template is pulled from one of my training programs – Investor Profits On Demand? Well on that note, if you’re looking for unique, effective ways to find motivated sellers, check out my number one strategy that’s working best for me hands down. In my experience, hardly anyone else is focusing on this little niche. Ha ha, more for us ;-)

USE patrick-signature-image-1-169x300Check out the presentation here and see what you think…

Thoughts, Questions…

Have you used this strategy and gotten great results? I wanna from hear from you in the comments section below.

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  1. anna says:

    Just curious what’s in it for the realtor?

    • Patrick Riddle says:

      Hey Anna, great question. I just answered another comment on this and go over multiple ways you can add value to the Realtor’s business. Check it out…

      – Patrick

  2. Michael says:

    As a Licensed Broker that has had someone “use me” with this strategy, I would like to further this thought by saying that relationships are two way…if the expectation is that you can “tap into” local Real Estate Brokers and continuously get free information and work with no expectation of a mutually beneficial relationship, this will only work for one, maybe two deals…otherwise, most Brokers worth “using” will not spend the proper amount of time or effort to do the proper research that you need to get accurate results…

    • Patrick Riddle says:

      Hey Michael, I didn’t mean for this strategy to come across as if we’re trying to “use” anyone. As I always say, real estate investing is a team sport. And the only way to have an awesome, happy team is by structuring all relationships so that they’re win-win.

      In our Investor Profits On Demand training program (which is where this resource came from), we go in depth on many different ways that you can add value in your various team member’s businesses.

      For instance, with a Realtor who helps an investor value properties, here are a few ideas…

      – If an investor is generating seller leads, a lot of the leads won’t have enough motivation to be a deal or enough equity. These could be great leads to pass off to your Realtor who could potentially list them.

      – An investor could offer to work for free to help the Realtor in his/her business… in exchange for helping comping properties.

      – If an investor is fixing and flipping properties, they could offer a Realtor the listing when they sell.

      And there are many other ways to make this a win-win relationship for both the investor and Realtor.

      – Patrick

  3. Abiola says:

    Hi p-rid, comp in this article means…?