Effortless Rapport Part 2: Learn To Talk How People Think

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2014-12-01-260In my last blog post about building rapport, we talked about how important it is to create a trusting relationship… with a prospect, a seller, a private money lender.

Look, the foundation of excellent communication is being able to build and maintain rapport and relationships.

One way to do that is by Mirroring and Modeling. In other words, if they’re sitting, you sit. If they talk slowly, you do too. See what I mean? You should definitely give that awesome post a read; it’s got super helpful info.

So today, I’m gonna pick up where we let off…

I want to continue the discussion by talking about one of the least understood but extremely important aspects of building rapport. It has to do with something call the representational system.

Identify your prospect’s primary representational system.

Big fancy words, but don’t get scared off…

A representational system refers to the system used to internally store data that is collected through the five senses. For our purposes today, we’re gonna focus on three of these.

3 Major Representational Systems

1) Visual (what you see)

2) Auditory (what you hear)

3) Kinesthetic (what you feel)

Everyone has a primary or preferred representational system that’s used to organize their experiences. Some people organize their experiences primarily through images (visual), some through sounds (auditory), and others through feelings (kinesthetic).

If you are able to determine a prospect’s primary representational system, you can use that information to better communicate with them.

One way to determine this is by listening intently to the words that someone uses to describe their experience.

If someone’s primary representational system is visual, they may say something like:

“That looks good. Will you show me how that works?”

So, when speaking with this person about your investment program, to best communicate with someone who is visual, you might say:

“I would like for you to view exactly how our program is structured. Once you can picture the process, I think you’ll be able to see if you’re interested or not.”

See what I mean? (Ha, just did it again, there, too!)

2014-12.1-hearIf a prospect is auditory, they’ll say things like:

“Well, it sounds like you’re saying XX.”

And, “I hear what you’re saying.”

To which you’d mirror and model by saying:

Listen closely to this part, as I bet you’ll hear something of interest.”

My primary representational system is kinesthetic – feeling. So, if you wanted to communicate best with me, you could say:

“Patrick, I want you to grasp the concept of my program and get a handle of it. Let me know how it feels to you.”

To connect with someone who is kinesthetic, talk about how the prospect would feel if they did business with you.

By crafting your speech to coincide with how your prospect represents the world by one of the three systems above is a great way to present your investment opportunity to them.

So, determine your prospect’s primary representation system and communicate with them in their language. This is a cool strategy to tip the balance in your favor a bit more to get the prospect saying yes.

Let’s wrap it up.

Honing in on the tactics of using a prospect’s representational system to your advantage is a great way to effectively communicate. Add that to Mirroring and Modeling, and it will really explode your REI business and private money database.

I strongly encourage you to give this a try.

And, because we’ve gotten such great feedback about this terrific series, I’ve even gotten a third installment coming up soon.

Patrick's signatureWhatcha think?

Have you been able to figure out a prospect’s representational system? Did you find it hard? Once you did figure it out, how did it feel to apply the techniques I suggested above? I wanna hear from you in the comments section below.

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