How 1 Simple Search = An Endless Source of Solid Deals

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answersIn today’s post, I’m going to reveal 1 simple online trick that you can use to uncover an endless source of wholesale deals – other wholesaler’s inventory via co-wholesaling.

I recently did a great post that was all about co-wholesaling and why it’s so freakin’ awesome… very low risk, it requires half as much work, it’s quick cash… just to name a few awesome things. Make sure you check out that posting.

Anyway, you may have head of people using Google to find cash buyers, but you can also use it to sniff out wholesale deals in any market in the country – through one simple search.

It’s really so simple that most people wouldn’t even think of it. I learned this from my good buddy, Justin Wilmont… more on him later…

Google is Your Wholesaling Friend

A lot of investors overlook other investors who are actively wholesaling properties. These other investors are spending their time and money on marketing their wholesale properties, oftentimes spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on campaigns. They’re doing all the legwork for you… negotiating, talking with sellers, reading over offers, marketing…to find and contract deals.

Google easily helps you find these wholesalers, who basically already have the deals locked up and ready for you.

Simply go to Google and type in: Real Estate Wholesaler + City Name

Check out this helpful pic here…



As you can see from the pic, a bunch of stuff comes up, and you wanna look at the organic results, meaning disregard the paid ads at the top and the right, and scroll down a bit where you’ll see the pot o’ gold. (Where the red arrows are pointing to.) The very first result is from a brokerage firm that is actively wholesaling deals. The second one looks good too.

So immediately, you’ve now got a ton of viable places to reach out to for wholesale

deals. And it’s SO easy to connect with these wholesalers. Just look at this next pic, which is from the first result that I clicked on – the important info is circled in red – what you’re seeing is the company’s phone number, Facebook page, email, Twitter… I mean, you have struck gold 2

And, by clicking on Contact Us, a form opens up that you can fill out, and it also provides the company’s address and phone number again. See how easy it is to connect? Send ‘em a letter, call ‘em, reach out on their social media…


How to Approach Your New ‘Contacts’

Look y’all, it’s as simple as this – when you find them, reach out and say:

“I just ran across your website, I invest pretty much all around town, wherever I can find a good deal, I’d like to see what kind of wholesale deals you have available. Can you add me to your wholesale buyer’s list and send me whatever you’ve got right now. Here’s my info.”

And of course these guys are eager to add you to their buyer’s list because that’s what they do – they’re wholesalers. And now, you have access to what my good buddy Justin Wilmont refers to as other people’s inventory – OPI – that you can co-wholesale.

And, you might want to consider adding on a little P.S. to your communication above, saying:

“Hey, if one of your properties doesn’t work for me, do you mind if I pass it onto to a few of
my partners and other investors I’ve worked with before? And if they show any interest, we can go from there…”

Chances are they’re gonna say, ‘Heck Yea!’

And whether you’re the type of investor who’s buying and flipping or holding properties, you can connect with these wholesalers to buy deals yourself or…

If you want an extremely low-risk way to tap into deals and connect the wholesalers with buyers – you can become a co-wholesaler, which is one of the quickest ways to make cash.

The Wrap Up

I’ll say it again, friends, if you’re not too familiar with co-wholesaling – you need to be. So be sure to look into my recent blog post that was all about co-wholesaling.

And, if you wanna hear more about how Justin leverages co-wholesaling on a “full-time” basis, check out his genius 10-Hour Wholesaler model.

Whatcha Think?

Do you have a success story from a deal you found using this Google tip? I wanna hear about it in the comments section below.

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