Ethics, Morals, and Values in Real Estate Investing

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Real Estate Investing Ethics, Morals, and ValuesWhen I first went into business with a couple of my friends, the very first thing that we did was develop a standard by which we would conduct business.

. . . and it’s kind of funny how it all came together.

Myself and two future business partners were at a bar called the Village Idiot in Five Points in Columbia, SC. As the pitchers started flowing, we began to brainstorm about the values for which our business would stand. The only thing we had to write on was a napkin, and like always, Dusty had a pen with him.

We were all still in college at the time so we threw back quite a few that night and to this day, I am still amazed at what we put together . . . especially in our state of mind.

The next day, we were left with a crumpled up napkin that had 11 principles written on it. And the last few had to be decoded by all three of us to figure out what the heck we wrote.

I have made many mistakes over the years and with each . . . reading back over what we deemed, “The Constitution,” always gives me a needed reality check. This document has served to remind me of what I stand for and the way I strive to conduct business.

I hope that by sharing this with you, it can also serve you as a foundation to live and work by as it has me . . .


The Constutution

I will not ever do wrong unto others.

I will enter into every situation with an open mind.

I will only listen to people who are where I want to be.

I will only concentrate efforts towards people willing to excel themselves into a stronger direction.

I understand that greed will never be a factor in success.

I understand that money is an idea, not to be integrated with success and friendship.

I will not judge others for circumstances beyond my understanding and their control.

I understand that self-improvement and education are the best investments that I can make.

I understand that I am expected to mind my own business in order to hold myself accountable to a successful professional career.

I commit to always being a student of life, learning from everything I experience and everyone I encounter.

I understand that as a teacher, I should reach out and communicate my ideas boundlessly to those with an open mind and those willing to commit to this constitution.


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