Real Estate Investment Tips and Strategies : Now is the Time to Buy!

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Real Estate Investment Tips and StrategiesA lot of people hear about an investment opportunity, decide to wait until the time is perfect, hear more people talking about how much money they are making on that investment, and then finally buy the thing when it’s at an all time high. I do not advocate this approach.

All I hear from anyone that knows what business I am in is “How is this market treating you right now?” With apprehension in their face and distress in their voice, I give them my now “canned” response.

“It is actually a great time for us to buy and hold properties. When it is more difficult to sell a property, there are more motivated sellers. More motivated sellers means more potential deals for us. We know that if we want to sell a property, all we have to do is put in more upgrades than other houses in the area and list it for cheaper.”

The most important thing to remember: Buy Right! As an investor, we make our money when we buy, not when we sell.

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