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2014-11-03-260I have a really great free tool to give away today.

Obviously one of the most important aspects of your REI business is having good property leads coming in. And if you’re marketing to motivated sellers, like I am, then those property leads come in the form of phone calls from motivated sellers.

When those calls do come in, you need a cogent, systematic way of extracting the necessary info from the callers so that you can not only remember the details, but help you size up whether this is a deal or a dud.

Having a good, proven, seller questionnaire to guide you through the process is a HUGE help.

There are lots of different versions out there, but today, I’d like to share my seller lead questionnaire with you, the very doc I use when calls come in to me.

Mine really is special

What’s so awesome about my specific seller lead form? I’d be happy to share…

What’s unique about my seller lead questionnaire is that it’s not just about collected the typical data – names, contact info, numbers of bed/baths, etc. – but my form really helps me remember to ask questions that will determine the seller’s motivation and whether or not there’s any equity in the property.

So I have specific sections of questions just for those 2 things – and I know I don’t wanna rely on just my memory to remember what they share with me – which is why I make sure to fill it out on my seller questionnaire.

Even the specific way that questions are worded and phrased is done for a reason…

So, I’d suggest you follow my template.

For example, I have found that is easiest to get someone’s financial information on a property by asking the first question under the Determining Equity section: “Is there a mortgage on the property?” That’s a really great lead in to get the needed info of what someone owes – you’ve gotta know that in order to do your research to know if it’s even worth any additional time for you to look into the a deal.

Another question that is phrased a certain way is: “Is the payment on the house current?”

See, a lot of people will ask: “Are you current with your payments?” Unintentionally, that can imply that being behind is the fault of the homeowner – “you” – which can add a negative connotation to the seller, which in turn can lead them into not wanting to play ball with you. Using the phrase “is the payment current” takes any potential blame off the seller and focuses on the house, not them as a person.

These might sound like small details, but they really make a huge difference. These questions have been carefully crafted – use them wisely.

Want more goodies like my seller questionnaire? Check out my awesome training course, Investor Profits on Demand (IPOD), which is where this cool doc comes from.

Patrick's signatureWhatcha think?

Is this form helpful? Did it make a difference in a deal you had? I wanna hear from you in the comments section below.

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