How to Conquer Your Real Estate Investing Fears

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Real Estate Investing FearsDo you have a fear as a real estate investor that’s causing you to LOSE OUT on tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars? Are you forgoing the incredible buyer’s market of today … the same market where the “new wealth of tomorrow” is being created by people snatching up killer deals across the country … because of some silly unwarranted fear? And even if you are buying up deals left and right, are you constantly anxious about every move you make and worrying yourself into an early grave?

If so, I have some refreshing advice for you . . . 5 proven methods to conquer your fears once and for all in order to establish a success and action oriented positive mindset . . . the kind of mindset that leads to BIG MONEY in your bank account!! . . . but first, let’s list a few of the common fears people suffer from and the HUGE benefits of overcoming them. And btw, I didn’t really mean for there to end up being 5 of everything . . . 5 fears, and 5 advantages and methods to overcome them . . . it just kinda happened :)

5 Common Fears Suffered by the Masses

Fear #1 – Fear of the Unknown

Fear #2 – Fear of Rejection

Fear #3 – Fear of the Negative Opinion of Others

Fear #4 – Fear of Making a Costly Mistake

Fear #5 – Fear of Failure

At one time of another, everyone has suffered from one of more of these common fears. The funny thing is . . . people come into this world with only two fears . . . the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises.

Soooooo, that means that every other fear that you experience was learned! This is HUGE! If you learned it, that means that you can unlearn it . . . and before I show you how to conquer these pesky little “learned” fears, let’s talk about the benefits you’re about to receive . . .

5 Advantages to Conquering Your Fears RIGHT NOW!

Advantage #1 – Skyrocket Your Productivity

Advantage #2 – Become a Master at Time Management

Advantage #3 – Positive Mind Set

Advantage #4 – Rid Yourself of the Procrastination Monster

Advantage #5 – Do Everything You’ve Always Wanted To Do

How would you like to get more done in less time? Wouldn’t it feel great to get rid of that terrible negative emotion guilt be simply doing what you know you “should” do when the time comes to do it? What would your world look like, how would it sound and feel knowing that you could do anything you wanted in life without being anxious and filled with trepidation because you conquered your fears?

It’s time to check out some proven methods to make this happen! Let’s jump right in . . .

5 Proven Methods to Conquering Your Fears Once and For All

Method #1 – Feared Things First

I do not remember which book that I read this in first, but it is a great policy to put into place. Always do your feared things first each and every day!

Right when you sit down to commence work, when you’re planning out your day, there is probably going to be one thing on your list that sticks out . . . at least one thing that you really don’t want to do (for whatever reason).  That’s exactly what should be first on your list.

It’s interesting . . . the thing that you least want to do is often one of the more important things to get done. Sooooo, knock out two birds with one stone! Review the benefits to doing so to motivate you to make it happen.

Method #2 – Eat That Frog

Brian Tracy wrote a nice little book on alleviating your life of procrastination (often we fear what we procrastinate on) called, Eat That Frog. The concept is simple . . .

He says that if, first thing of the day, you had to eat a frog, you could probably rest assured that it would be the worst thing you had to do all day.

Whatever your “frog” is, eat it first thing in the morning. Same idea as doing your feared thing first . . . just choose whatever method works best for you.

Method #3 – Force Yourself Into Stronger Behavior

This is a mantra that my friends and I came up with to help us get done . . . that which we “feared.”

Here’s an example: When I got started in real estate investing, one of the things that I really procrastinated on was calling sellers. I knew that I needed to get some practice by calling some fsbos and for rents but still hadn’t. My friends and I made pact that at any point in time, if we realized any one of us wasn’t doing something that would further our paths to becoming real estate investors, we could “force them into stronger behavior” by telling them what to do.

When my buddy realized that I still hadn’t called any sellers, he circled 10 ads in the newspaper, handed me the paper, and told me to call all the ads within the next 20 minutes. And you know what . . . it worked. I sucked it up and just did it! And it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought.

Here’s what you need to do to “force yourself into stronger behavior”: Write down what you need to do and put a date on it by which it will be done. Then, find someone to be your accountability partner to help “force you into stronger behavior.”

Method #4 – Ask, “What’s the Worst That Could Happen?”

There’s a story where a salesman is standing in the lobby of a big building outside of the “big shot’s” office. Without an appointment, he asks the receptionist if he can go inside to present what he’s got to offer. The receptionist tells him that he’ll most likely get thrown out . . . right back into the hall.  So the salesman thinks to himself, “Well, if that’s the case I’ll be no worse off than I am right now sooooo what the heck!”

When you find yourself paralyzed with fear of over anxious about anything, ask yourself, “What’s the worst thing that could happen?” Then, accept the worst thing as if it were true and resolve to do better than that.

Method #5 – Just Reframe It

A powerful way that I handled that nervous little feeling that you get when stepping outside of your comfort zone was to reframe the meaning of that feeling.

I realized that when I got the nervous feeling, that meant that I was about to step into a fear, learn something new, and improve myself . . . which would in turn drive me quicker to reaching my goals.

Now, anytime that I get that feeling, I actually get excited because I have reframed the meaning of it, and I know that I’m doing what is necessary to get all that I want out of life!

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  1. Tim Bratz says:

    Method #5: Just Reframe It

    This is my favorite method of overcoming fears. I like to compare it to exercising. Weight-lifting & intense cardio is temporarily painful, but when you’re sore the next day, you know that your muscles are shedding themselves of the weak tissue and rebuilding stronger, better muscle fibers – making you a more dominant force.

  2. Patrick Riddle says:

    Thanks for the comment Tim!

    Yeah . . . I’ve got a ton of mileage from reframing. Very powerful method!