How to Effectively Network to Build Your Net Worth

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Real Estate NetworkingNetworking has been a VITAL component over the years in both team building and private money getting.

But it has become apparent to me that most real estate investors greatly discount the value of networking. Just by being active in my local real estate investors club in my town, I’ve forged lasting relationships with wholesalers, bird dogs, private lenders, attorneys, mortgage brokers, agents, contractors . . . you name it! Which has translated into countless deals and profits! I would say that 80% of my team was built through people I met just at REIA meetings.

Sooooo I think that many people just flat out undervalue networking and another reason people don’t profit from building a solid network is because they’ve never been taught an effective way to build relationships and get to know people . . . and then there are people who are introverted and don’t come out of there shell to introduce themselves to anyone . . . you know, the person that gets to the meeting, sits down right when they get there, doesn’t talk to anyone, and leaves as soon as it’s over . . .

If this is you, I’m here to tell you that you’re MISSING OUT BIG TIME!! . . . If you’ve been unable to turn your networking efforts (or lack of them) into big time profits, no worries … I’m about to give you a simple formula you can put to use immediately so that your network builds your net worth! How about that!!

Use the structure below to guide your conversations as you meet new people . . .

The Network Magic Formula

1) Introduce Yourself

“Hi, I’m <Your Name>. I’m new here. How are you doing?”

2) Ask Questions About the Meeting

“Have you been coming to this meeting for awhile? What are the meetings usually like? What’s your primary goal when coming to these meetings . . . to learn, network, find deals? Who runs the meeting?”

3) Ask Questions About Their Occupation

“So what do you do exactly? Oh, you’re an investor . . . how long have you been investing in real estate? Do you have a particular niche that you focus on?”

4) Ask Questions To See How You Can Help Them

“I’m a little newer to real estate investing but am ready to hit the ground running . . . in what ways could I add value to your business? How could I help you out? . . . would you be interested in wholesale deals?”

5) The Close – Appreciation, Reaffirm How You Can Help, Let’s Stay in Touch

“It was great to meet you . . . I appreciate your time. I’d like to meet as many people as I can tonight soooooo here’s my card. Whenever I come across a situation like <insert how you can help them>, I’ll let you know. Let’s stay in touch . . .”

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This should give you an easy formula to follow when networking so that you don’t even have to think about what to say. And if you haven’t noticed yet, all that you’ve done so far is ask questions . . . no where in the Network Magic Formula do you even talk about yourself . . . do you know why??

Because “you” are not what’s important when cultivating profitable relationships! Don’t worry, you’ll get your turn. But, by showing a genuine desire to get to know the other person first and help them in their business en devours . . . they will invariably feel the need to reciprocate right back at you.

While we’re on the subject . . .

Let’s Do Some Networking!

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