How To Legally Spy On Banks

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spy_on_banks_bulk_reoHey, I’ve got an awesome resource (it’s free and you can access it online) that allows you to legally spy on banks… so that you know when they’re lying to you.

Maybe you’ve had this experience

You’re interested in doing package deals. So you call a bank and ask if they have any bulk REO. But you’re pretty darn sure they’re not telling you the truth. How do you know?

I just shot that video and walk you step-by-step how to research a banks REO inventory online.

And if you’re thinking… “Sounds great Patrick but I don’t have funding to buy package deals.”

Guess what?

You don’t have to buy bulk REO packages yourself, you can also broker them. So… NO EXCUSES!

Watch the video below now

Here’s the link to the FDIC website.

Leave your comments and questions below. And if you enjoyed this video, make sure to “like” it before ya go. Thanks!

– Patrick

P.S.Want to learn more about Bulk REO?

PMBP Faculty Member, Susan Lassiter-Lyons, taught me about this killer resource… and she has an in-depth video called “6 Simple Steps To A $50,000 Payday Buying, Flipping, Or Brokering Bulk REO.”

It’s definitely worth checking out! Enjoy :-)

P.P.S. – Here’s a pic of Susan and I hanging out at The Boathouse on Isle of Palms. One of my favorite spots that’s right in my backyard…

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  1. Randy says:

    Man! That wasn’t a gold nugget. That was a Diamond Nugget!!! It’s the little things that turn out to make the big difference some times! Definitely putting this at the top of my resources file! Keep the knowledge and wisdom coming Patrick!



  2. Raul_SoCal says:

    Hey Patrick,

    Awesome video, on spying which banks have bulk reo’s. This will definitely, make the banks cough up the truth. What a time saver!! Does this apply to notes, as well? thanks

    • patrickriddle says:

      Hey Raul,

      Hmmm good question. I don’t think you can use this to search notes in default, just properties that banks have foreclosed on and have on their books.

      – Patrick

  3. Nan Labbe says:

    My search found 0 institutions in Arizona!!!

    • patrickriddle says:

      Hey Nan, I just hopped in and checked myself… and it didn’t pull up any for AZ. To use this specific resource to find bulk REO deals, looks like you would need to look outside of AZ.

      – Patrick

  4. Nan Labbe says:

    I watched Susan Lassiter Lyons video and her program is 197.00, I’ve already spent 6,550.00 on a REI program.  Since I can’t find any institutions in Arizona, what good would it do to buy her program?

    • patrickriddle says:

      Hey Nan,

      If you’ve already invested that much on REI programs, I suggest you use what you already have access to, start doing deals and making money, then invest in subsequent training to boost your education or learn new strategies.

      To answer your question though, this resource is just one of the strategies Susan teaches to find bulk REO deals… so you could implement other methods to find deals in AZ. Or if you wanted to use this specific resource, look outside of AZ.

      – Patrick

  5. walt says:


    you are the man. i love this video. i live in a small town 16k pop and i found our lil banks here. so cool i don’t quite understand evrything yet but i will study and get back to you in a few days. thanks for being so helpful.


  6. Lucy says:

    Is there a way to get the actual addresses of these REO’s without physically going to the bank? I live in AL and am birddogging for someone in NV who has buyers for bulk SFH and commercial properties. How would I pass this info on to them?

  7. jonathan burch says:

    Excellant Video-Real Mind Blower!!!

  8. James says:

    What about NPN’s can i use this?