How to Profit from the Commercial Real Estate Crash

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As you know, the residential real estate market took it’s big hit starting (depending on the market) in 2006… and got hit hard in 2007 and 2008.

But for those of you who study economic trends like me, the residential market is only one part of the overall economy… and other markets followed suit … including the

(drum roll please)


So, at the end of 2008 and into 2009 the commercial market has started to really see some *big time* hits and in a lot of areas the commercial market and commercial lending is having a “crash” of it’s own.

What this means to you and me?

Well, a few things:

1. Loan defaults are piling up in the commercial market now, meaning there’s great buys in commercial for those who have cash (or for those who know how to get private money)

2. People who have cash (hedge funds, rich people, or everyday normal people who just have $ sitting around) are either buying properties, lending their money on low LTV commercial deals, etc.

3. Traditional banks aren’t touching loans for most commercial deals or business type loans anymore (meaning a big credit crunch)

So, the opportunity this creates is…

= > There are a lot of commercial loans in default and a lot of people looking for great deals

= > A lot of legitimate borrowers are “blocked” out of the market and can’t get funding for their great deals or business growth capital.

= > People who know where the money is can match up the funders with the people who need the money… and you can collect a “finders fee” for hooking them up.

Check out this quick video below to learn more.

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See you guys and gals on the tomorrow night.

~ Patrick

… aka P-Rid

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