Is Your Attitude and Mindset Geared Towards Success?

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Over the weekend, I had an article published on Problogger … whoohoo! This comes as quite an honor being that Problogger/Darren Rowse has been my blogging mentor since starting

Sooo, if you’re a fan of my little creative real estate investing blog here, many thanks goes to Darren Rowse.

It’s interesting how it worked out …

I set a goal about a month ago to get a guest article published on Problogger … and this past weekend, my article, “The Holy Grail to Writing Great Content – Rhetoric” was published.

There’s a good lesson that came from the process … a lesson on the attitude and mindset of success … check it out …

After writing down the goal to get an article published on Problogger, the first thing that I did was scour the website for submission guidelines. But, to no avail. There were none.

Soooo I sent him the message below through his contact form:


And, to my surprise, he answered back the next day. Check out the good … well, interesting news …


Now, let’s STOP for a moment … answer a quick question for me …

“Had you received this response, if you were me, what would you have done next?”

I hadn’t written the article yet. Heck, I didn’t even know what I was going to write about.

Would you have said, “Awwww what’s the use … I’ll end up putting all this time in to it, get my hopes up, all to get turned down.”

Or … would you have said what I said, “I guess all that means is I better make my article pretty darn unique and well written! And if he doesn’t accept the first one, I’ll send another one … and another one … and another one … I will succeed!”

That attitude, that mindset is what enabled me to achieve my goal, and it’s the same attitude and mindset you must have as a real estate investor …

When you make an offer to a seller that gets rejected, make ’em another offer. Get out there and keep making offers UNTIL you get a house under contract.

When you offer a private money prospect the opportunity to lend you money and they turn you down, move on to the next prospect … and the next prospect … and the next one …

I think Abraham Lincoln summed up this attitude and mindset best when he said, “Determine the thing can and shall be done. Then, we shall find the way.”

So determine that you can and shall be a successful real estate investor, regardless of the obstacles encoutered, regardless of the rejection you must face, regardless of what “they” say …

With that attitude, with that mindset, you shall find the way!

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  1. Julie says:

    Mindset is critical Patrick and I don’t think it can be said enough!! Do you think the fact that you made it publicly known that you were seeking to be published on Darren’s site also helped? It made you accountable for your actions and further cemented your objective in your mind …

    And congrats again on getting your article published. It truly was an excellent article and very worthy of their publication!!

  2. Trevor says:

    Nice work dude! I’m proud of you big time!
    .-= Trevor´s last blog ..Jim Fleck Reviews – Review of Jim Fleck and His Fast Cash Profit System =-.

  3. Patrick Riddle says:

    Thanks you guys!

    Julie … making the goal publicly known definitely motivates me a little more … although I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone because of how negative soooo many people are when others tell them their goals. For the most part, I suggest that people keep their goals to themselves and to their accountability partner.

    ~ Patrick