Just Released: “Finance Prison Blues” by Patty Cash

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Yep, I’m going for a Grammy!

I’ve just released our Getting the Money Bootcamp‘s official theme song, “Finance Prison Blues” by Patty Cash.

You’ve gotta check this out … LOL … enjoy!

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Want to sing along with me?

Here are the lyrics:

I hear a bootcamp’s comin’
It’s right around the bend,
And I ain’t closed a deal,
Since, I don’t know when,
I’m stuck in finance prison,
And time keeps draggin’ on,
But that bootcamp is a-rollin’,
On down to Denver CO.

When I was just a newbie,
My mentor told me, “Son,
You gotta have the money,
Can’t play without the funds,
But I lost a deal in Reno,
to an all-cash guy.
when I saw him make a killin’
I hang my head down and cry.

I bet there’s some folks lendin’,
If the deals up to par,
They’re probably all around us,
If you just know who they are,
Hey Patrick, Susan, Trevor,
Please help me get free,
Because those people keep a-lendin’,
And that’s what tortures me.

Well, if they freed me from finance prison,
If that real estate was mine,
I bet I’d move out over a little,
Farther down the line,
Far from Finance Prison,
That’s where I want to stay,
And I’d let that Getting the Money Bootcamp,
Blow my Blues away.

Hope to see ya this June 4th – 6th in Denver for our Getting the Money Bootcamp.

~ Patty Cash


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  1. dusty says:

    hahaha…OMG, that’s awesome!! All I can say is I’m sure you have that Grammy locked up man. Very creative, great video, and I’m sure it’s going to be an awesome event too!

  2. Patrick Riddle says:

    Sweet … glad you liked it dude!

    ~ Patty Cash

  3. Dusty says:

    I don’t care who ya are…that’s funny!

  4. jp moses says:

    Pure. Total. Awesomeness.
    .-= jp moses´s last blog ..How You Can be as Memorable as a Bacon Doughnut =-.

  5. Ahaha! Hilarious stuff! Hey, how did you come up with the name Patty Cash? Also, I was quite impressed with the visual “props” and video depiction. Lets get you on CMT!

  6. jp moses says:

    Ha, that’s funny. I guess “Patty” for Patrick…but at first I thought you were “Petty Cash”.
    .-= jp moses´s last blog ..Wholesalers: “How Can I Keep My Buyers/Sellers From Cutting Me Out?” =-.

  7. Patrick Riddle says:

    Thank ya JP. Huh … Petty Cash would have been good too. Someone on Facebook thought the same thing.

    Dave … glad you got a good laugh out of it. I just modeled my name after Johnny Cash & Folsom Prison Blues and went with Patty Cash & Finance Prison Blues.

    CMT, here I come!

    ~ Patty Cash

  8. Janice says:

    Freegin Hilarious… you were really good!!!!!!!!!LMBO!!!!

  9. Pat, see what piano lessons can do to a guy down the road?!?

    JP, nice link in your post. Checked it out

  10. Patrick Riddle says:

    Great Janice … that’s what I was going for :-)

    Dave … yep, I do. And JPs stuff is always great.

    ~ Patty Cash

  11. William S. says:

    WOW! I think you have just become my King..lol

    “Fortune follows the bold” – Virgil

    …and you my friend ARE BOLD!

    Loved it!

  12. Patrick Riddle says:

    Thanks Wiliam! And great quote man …

    ~ Patty Cash

  13. Karye says:

    If you can do THAT with a straight face, you can do ANYTHING…! ;] The world is yours…good luck.

  14. Patrick Riddle says:

    Karye … haha … thank ya!

    ~ Patty Cash