One of the Best Videos I’ve Seen This Year

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Not sure about you… but I’m a BIG Tony Robbins fan and eat up everything he puts out.

Well, I was checking out his training blog recently and found a video that you’ve gotta watch. Seriously!

It’s free… and it’s going to help make everything “click” in your mind. So darn simple… but it’s gonna make a huge difference in the way you approach things… especially reaching your goals.

Just an FYI, it’s not about real estate at all… but I couldn’t not (like that double negative :-) send it to you because this is the #1 root of why most people don’t make it in real estate… and it’s an easy fix which Tony goes over.

And he’s spot on when he talks about what’s the difference between two people when they both get the same course, learn the same stuff, etc… and one makes it and one doesn’t. It’s not about potential, or resources, etc. He shows what it is in the diagram he scribbles out and how to make sure you’re the one who makes it.

Thought you’d enjoy it…


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  1. Choua says:

    Thanks for this video, Patrick. Love this video, on what these guys are talking about.