How to Flip a House for a $14K Wholesale Profit without Rehabbing It

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Real Estate WholesaleProperty taxes are due at the beginning of each year and if not paid, progressively add up late fees until either the taxes get paid or the property goes to tax sale. We used to mail letters to out of state owners and were contacted by one right before this seller’s property was going to tax sale.

The seller didn’t have the money to pay the taxes and wanted to sell quickly. We swooped in, bought this beauty, and solved the seller’s problems.

Even though this house was only about 1,400 square feet, it needed about $40K in renovations. It had been vacant for a long time and had significant termite and water damage. We did not want to embark on this hefty rehab, so we called one of our investor friends to see if they were interested in taking it off our hands.

Two weeks later, we had a check our hands with a net profit of over $14,000.00! All we did was find a great deal, buy it, clean it out, and sell it for a good profit.

You don’t have to get involved with heavy renovations to profit big in real estate.

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