How to Create a Deal Stream : “How To” Real Estate Investing Class

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How to Create a Deal Stream : Dusty and I were out on the golf course a while back with one of our investor friends. We don’t play too often but get out there every once in a while. Once we hit the links, we usually talk business and deals. Our friend is quite the marketer and always asks what we have been up to.

One day he asked me, Where you getting your deals from? We had bought 5 properties the month prior, and it got me to thinking. After going through it in my head I realized that we had bought a deal off of our T.V. commercials, one from an out of state letter, one from a bandit sign, and two off of referrals (our team). After reviewing other months, I saw a commom theme.

There was no one lead source that was bringing us all of our deals! Month after month, it was a collective effort from our varying lead sources. If you want to buy one house a month, a couple lead sources may suffice. But if you want to take it to the next level, you better have a marketing attack force.

Some Ideas to Get You Thinking

Hand out your business cards, put up some bandit signs, mail to foreclosure leads, out of state owners, or burned-out landlords, start a “We Buy Houses” ad in some local papers, do pay-per-click for your website, or join an affiliate program with an online lead company.

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