4 Fundamental Assumptions from Your Real Estate Investment Advisors

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Real Estate Investment Advisors 4 Fundamental AssumptionsThere are Four Fundamental Assumptions that every “successful” real estate investor must embrace. Any one of them that you lack could be the missing link that’s holding you back.

  1. Deals Are Abundant! That is, deals are abundant to the real estate investor that dedicates him or herself to a continuing education. Since getting started a little over 5 years ago, I’ve never stopped consuming investing information through CDs, books, courses, and seminars. If you plan on becoming a player in the field, being a serious student is the only path. Even after doing over 50 deals, I sought out a coach that could take me to the next level. And that is what they did! Here are some of the different types of deals that I have structured in the last couple years: Cash deals financed through private investors and hard money lenders, subject-to, owner financing, short sales, working out repayment plans into buying subject-to, probate, bankruptcy, used my own credit through traditional banks, other people’s credit…you get the point! If I had just learned how to do short sales and stopped there, what a limited set of tools I would have in the investing arena. With the arsenal of tools and techniques that I have learned and mastered, I can create deals from situations that most investors cannot. Even if you don’t quite have the education to back you up yet, instill this belief and it WILL actualize itself.
  2. The Money is Eagerly Awaiting Your Call! Many beginning investors get hung up on the financing portion of getting a deal done. What you MUST Realize is that Good Deals Get Financed! If you contract a good deal, there is a simple formula that I recently posted about…”Ask Until.” If you have asked 10 people to finance your deal and have gotten 10 “No’s” so you give up, have you followed the formula? The answer is a resounding NO! Getting started is not easy but it is simple if you just follow proven principles. In our first year of investing, we offered a woman $112K for her house and had no clue where we would get the money if she accepted. BUT, we knew that it would be an incredible deal if she went for it. And she did! So what ended up happening you might ask. We went knocking on doors at different real estate companies until we came across a player. Somebody who knew a good deal when they saw one. We have continued a relationship with him today and still do some deals together.
  3. Motivated Sellers Need Your Help! We, as professional investors, provide a useful service. A service that cannot be matched by how traditional real estate is bought and sold. If you need to sell your house within two weeks and KNOW for a fact that it will close, you call somebody like us. People experience situations in life where money is usually not the #1 factor with their decision to sell their house, it is typically all about “stress.” Financial stress, marital stress, occupational stress, etc. We bring peace of mind to a motivated home owner by making cash offers with quick closings.
  4. You Can Do It! If you do not have the belief, the knowing within, that you can be successful investing in real estate, then it will NEVER happen. You will unknowingly sabotage your own success. Look around! There are people that have started out with no back ground in real estate, no contacts, no money, and no credit and have accumulated vast fortunes in real estate. The key to getting started is action! Remember Newton’s first law of motion states, “An object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion. Make that first phone call! Make that first offer! Make today the day that you put “old man procrastination” to bed! Take action and watch the momentum carry you to real estate riches!

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  1. Randy Adkins says:

    This blog is very informative. I am a realtor in the Tri-County SC. I agree that there are an abundance of deal in the market right now. I am building my portfolio to take advantage of this “Buyer’s Market”. I like the idea that money is awaiting me to do deals. I am ready to do this!! This is a great time to invest. Keep up the posts.