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1 Minute Leads SoftwareHey investors, Patrick Riddle here…

I’ve got something today that’ll blow your mind. When it comes to getting leads fast for your REI business – this is a game changer, people.

Tell me if you can relate – you sit down at your desk and computer to begin searching online for deals, leads, maybe other wholesalers to do JV deals with, maybe you’re looking for cash buyers… and before you know it, several hours – not minutes – hours have gone by. You’ve spent tons of time researching (and maybe with not a lot of goof results), when your time would probably have been better spent answering calls and closing deals.

Sound familiar?

Well, me too, and I was super frustrated ‘wasting’ so much time searching for leads and deals in this yucky manual, time-consuming, tedious process. But because I (probably like you) am a doer – I did something about it. Have a problem – find a solution? Or in this case, create a solution…

So, I connected with a ninja programmer I know, shared my frustration with him, and we created this shiny, new out-of-this-world software called 1-Minute Leads that automates the entire process and serves-up live leads lightning fast. With just one click of your mouse, One Minute Leads starts popping up little digital “cash cards” containing the direct contact information of wholesalers, cash buyers, hard money lenders and even team members you need like attorneys or appraisers.

So. Much. Awesomeness.

I’m telling you, there simply is NO faster, easier or more effective way to generate these leads– near- instantaneously. You’re welcome, investors!

It works with 3 awesomely easy steps:

  1. Enter keywords such as ‘we buy houses,’ ‘wholesale deals,’ ‘VIP buyer’s list’
  2. Enter the target market’s city and state
  3. Click ‘Get Leads’

Then the magic happens. You guessed it – in less than a minute (typically 30-40 seconds), leads of active cash buyers, funders, other investors and deals are expediently served up on a silver platter.

Here’s how it all goes down. Watch this…

People ♥ing One Minute Leads

1-Minute Leads software is not yet publically available – we’re still in Beta mode, kicking the tires and testing it all out right now. But our Beta testers are already in love with this thing… As indicated by a sampling of the enthusiastic and completely unsolicited feedback and testimonials we’ve received:

“I LOVE the software. It’s so cool to see how easy it works. I couldn’t have made a better purchase.”
 ~Roosevelt Edwards, Sr., 1ML BETA User

“I just tried your new application – and on a lark, tried my own small community. I received 52 cash buyer leads and 44 wholesale leads… Totally Awesome!”
~Scott Marquardt, 1ML BETA User

Want to Try 1-Minute Leads Out Yourself?

Thought you might ;-)

Now that I’ve effectively whet your appetite, you probably want to give it a go yourself. Of course you do! Here’s my 1-Minute Leads Press Release and here’s where you can see if we’ve opened up to the public yet. If not, you’re welcome to request a Beta tester invitation. If there’s still an opening, we’d consider it :-)

One more thing before I go… please remember, I am not an attorney or legal counsel. I strongly encourage you to do your due diligence and consult a legal professional and/or financial professional before contacting leads as laws vary by state.

Later, guys.


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  1. Sarah says:

    Wow … this sounds like an amazing hack! Thank you for tipping me off about this very valuable resource!

  2. Daria Danielson says:

    Hi there,
    I would be interested in trying this out.
    Daria Danielson
    Real Estate Investor