From Spinning His Wheels to Closing Big Deals: How Private Money Made it All Happen

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Just a few months ago, Tim Ryan was … in his own words … “spinning his wheels” trying to qualify to buy a single family house. He thought that was all he could afford.

Tim heard about a contest that Trevor Mauch and I were having when we launched our Private Money Blueprint system and submitted his entry. Tim was one of the lucky students picked (he had ZERO private money getting experience) and won a copy of our complete Private Money Blueprint system (w/ tools, scripts, action plans, templates, marketing, forms, etc.).

Check out the email below that Tim just sent us updating Trevor and I on his progress.  This is exactly why I love teaching!

Private Money Testimonial Tim Ryan

Now, if that isn’t motivating … I don’t know what is!

A regular guy, just a few months ago, was trying to get financing through a bank to buy a single family house … one measily old single family house. He got a copy of our Private Money Blueprint system and applied it (key word here … applied it) and now owns a 16 unit aparment deal, 3 duplexes, a net monthly cashflow of $2,000, and is working on a 168 unit multifamily deal in Texas … all WITHOUT any of his own money!

Isn’t that awesome? Isn’t that inspiring? Isn’t that motivating?

Well, it should be … because that could just as easily be you.

This is pretty cool … check out Tim’s video entry he did for our contest back in May …

You see, like I said … just a regular guy … who needed a solution for financing his deals.

Everybody knows that NOW is the time to buy. Everybody knows that it’s easy to find great deals. BUT, here’s what everybody doesn’t know … getting private money to finance your deals is a heck of lot easier than you think.

Want the same templates, tools, action plans, and guidance Tim got from us?

Click here … it could change your life like it did his …

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