How to Become a CIA: (Part 4) 37 Must Know Tips to Getting Private Money Easily

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Private Money Real EstateWelcome … to Part 4 of the “How to Become a CIA” creative real estate investing series … 37 Must Know Tips to Getting Private Money Easily …

(if you’re new to the series, you may want to start with the introduction)

This week, I’m gonna teach you how to easily get private money for your real estate deals.

Maybe you’re not sure if private money is really right for you … if that’s the case, answer the following questions …

“Have you ever lost an incredible deal because you didn’t have cash to close it?”

“Are you scared to even make an offer for fear that it will get accepted?”

“Want to do short sales or REOs … but don’t have the financing lined up to do so?”

“Do you agree that now is the time to buy but have no means to close deals today?”

If you can relate to any of the above problems, private money just may be the solution you’ve been looking for. Before we get to the meat of today’s lesson though … the 37 must know tips to getting private money easily … let’s make sure we’re all on the same page …

What is Private Money?

It’s very simple … private money is cash (investment funds) from an individual that they lend to you, the real estate investor, as an investment rather than investing traditionally through stocks, bonds, CDs, or mutual funds.

That’s it!

Soooo, any individual that you know and every individual that you meet from now to eternity are potential private money lenders. Rather than investing traditionally, they invest through your private lending program.

Why Would Someone Lend Private Money?

Tons of people have suffered massive losses in the stock market and are sick and tired of their meager returns in CDs, mutual funds, and bonds. There is a tremendous need for a good place to put investment capital these days.

That’s where your private lending program comes in …

Real estate can be purchased today at rock bottom prices. And when you have private money (aka CASH) to go make offers and close great deals, you can create a win-win-win for all parties related to each transaction. The seller gets a fast cash offer, the private money lender makes a good return, and you make all the profit in the deal.

… and without further ado …

37 Must Know Tips to Getting Private Money Easily

Here we go guys and gals … get ready for some heat!

I had to cut this week’s video into two parts … YouTube only allows videos that are less than 10 minutes, and I couldn’t figure out a way to deliver all of this content in that time frame … so there are two videos for your viewing pleasure below …

Check ’em out!

So what do you think so far? Pretty good stuff ehhhhh?

… alright and now for your private money tips 13 to 37 …

The time has come for me to roll the ball back in your court … time for you to TAKE MASSIVE ACTION … (see below)

“How to Become a CIA” Action List

1. Download your free copy of my “How to Recruit Private Money Millions” eBook and private lender PowerPoint.

This is the same presentation that I’ve used to get millions in private money … it’s fully customizable and ready for use whenever you are …

2. Set the deadline for your first (or your next) private money formal appointment. Write it down right now!

I suggest the deadline be no more than 14 days from now … I’ve given you the information … I’ve given you the tools … what are you waiting for?

3. Many of you know about my Private Money Blueprint home study course … the step by step system that myself and Trevor Mauch designed to help walk people through the steps to getting massive amounts of private money … well, for those of you that want to take the easy way to private money millions … click here to learn more about our private money getting system

It’s definitely not for everybody … but it’s worked out great for many of our students across that country that no longer have financing worries … also, we’ve even set things up so that you can get a fully search engine optimized, customizable, private money lead generation website …

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have private money leads flowing right to your inbox?

Click here to learn more

4. And last but not least … Comment below with your questions, thoughts, and tips!

Hope y’all enjoyed the 37 must know private money tips and resources …

Here are the links to the rest of the series . . .

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  1. Patrick Riddle says:

    Whoops … looks like I accidentally left out a couple tips. Check out this comment I got over on YouTube …

    Hey Patrick, great video, like always, but you skipped #16 and #17 :) – briantoba

    Thanks for the heads up Brian!

    Here are the other tips …

    # 16 – Be on Time for All Appointments (which means you’re at least 10 min early)

    # 17 – Set a Deadline for Your First (or next) Appointment with a Private Money Prospect

    Let me know if you guys have any questions …

    ~ Patrick

  2. Lui says:

    this is my favorite topic! if one can master these techniques, the sky really is the limit. to anyone who hasn’t gotten their hands on the Private Money Blueprint I HIGHLY recommend you get one! I think what I like best about what you say Patrick is that all this information means nothing unless you take MASSIVE ACTION.

    Awesome content as always! Following up is key to private money success.
    .-= Lui´s last blog ..Private Money Lending =-.