How to Approach Warm Private Money Prospects

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Got an email from one of our readers . . . Dave . . . who is just getting started getting private money. He brought up a great question . . . he wanted to know the best way to introduce his investment program to warm prospects. Check his email out below:



Hey! Hope all is going well . . . You’re beginning to resemble those gurus out there. (c’mon Dave . . . I’m just a regular guy remember : )

I had a question about initial introduction of the investment opportunity to the prospect. Do you prefer email or phone call? I’ve started to contact prospects and have received little response via email. (please note each email is sent individually to tailor toward each person, establish rapport, and reference our last pt of contact). These are not cold contacts, but individuals I already know.

Any advice? Thanks buddy.



Shot a quick video for you Dave . . . check it out below . . .

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  1. Dave says:

    Patrick! Hey, thanks for addressing my question. Didnt expect you to film a short vid and post it as an answer to my question! That’s great. Thanks man. Took some good notes on your response. We will continue to prospect. Take care

  2. Patrick Riddle says:

    Right on Dave! No problem man …

    Let me know how things progress.

    ~ Patrick

  3. Rico says:

    Great stuff! I have a question on cold prospecting. How to just approach someone about private lending or doing a group presentation to prospects?

  4. Patrick Riddle says:

    Hey Rico … I’d suggest you learn the Half Minute Private Money Hook and use that with cold prospects. Check out my guest post on Stephani Davis’s blog Flip this Wholesaler …

    I cover the Half Minute Private Money Hook and much more.


    ~ Patrick