How to Close More Real Estate Deals Today With Less Risk

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Real Estate Investing SyndicationIn today’s post, Brad Wozny shares how to do more deals with less risk through real estate investing syndication (a very unique angle to creative real estate investing i might add) …

There is a secret to successful real estate investing that most successful investors don’t want you to know. Now, the secret that I am about to reveal to you is something that is so obvious and yet it is something that few investors know about. But, before I give you this little known real estate investing secret, let me give you some background information on who I am and why you should listen to me.

I’m famous for starting a home-based real estate investment business that generated over 3.2 million dollars in equity and cash profits for my syndication partners within our first 93 days through properties we had bought, contracted or assigned.

In 26 months we had transacted over 14 million dollars worth of real estate, primarily from a laptop and BlackBerry because of the benefits of real estate investment syndication, and the use of proven business-building processes. AND, we did this with little risk.

Secret to Closing More Deals With Less Risk

The secret to closing more real estate deals right now is risk management. Now, investing in real estate is not without risks especially in today’s real estate market where many homes show for-rent and for-sale signs. And, it seems like these signs are there forever!

Restaurants are practically empty and many big chains like Steak and Ale have closed. Malls and shopping centers have many more open spaces for rent than in recent years. The economy is definitely in a pinch and many people are feeling it, especially those real estate investors who are investing the old way.

You see, old-hat real estate investing requires YOU to use your credit and for YOU to use your cash.

However, there are ways for savvy entrepreneurs to make a killing in today’s market!

You can make more money now in the “Perfect Real Estate Storm” than what even the most seasoned real estate professionals have ever seen in their lifetimes. But you have to find creative ways to minimize the risk when you invest in real estate whether you’re investing in commercial or residential properties.

This is where real estate investing syndication comes in.

Real Estate Syndication and How It WILL Help You

The idea of real estate syndication is pretty simple. I define it as matchmaking. Think about it: A matchmaker or dating service finds out the needs of two different parties and matches them up for a fee.

Real estate syndication is usually made up of investors who have money to invest in the real estate market but do not have the expertise required to close deals. They want to limit their exposure and minimize their risk and they do so by spreading their money amongst a number of deals and in a number of syndicates rather than just one.

You, as the real estate syndicator, put the deal together and receive a significant share of the profits (between 20% and 50%) without having to invest your own money. Using your real estate knowledge and negotiating skills, you will drive the whole real estate investing syndication business model forward and close more deals.

By operating this way you can …

>> Become a major player in the market without risking any of your own capital

>> Build a formidable reputation

>> Do more deals by leveraging this concept

>> Create a fortune for yourself without using your own money

In other words, when you transform your real estate investing business into a syndicator, you create a win/win/win for everyone involved.

Real Estate Investing Syndication Allows You to …

1. Create a higher volume of deals without additional effort on your part

2. Generate a greater frequency of profit as syndicating your real estate investing business will enable you to systematize your business so deal making becomes a recurring cycle so you have a repeatable business model that grows geometrically

3. Get more done in less time to generate more profit

4. Produce more wealth with little risk in a short period of time (remember … our business syndicated over 3 million dollars in real estate profits just 93 days)

This is why syndicating investing is the ultimate way to close more real estate deals and make money fast.

When you take the steps to syndicate your business correctly, you will build a 6-, 7- and even 8-figure real estate investing business. Just take a look at those who have also studied my techniques, and are growing their wealth rapidly.

For example …

Using real estate syndication, J. Benson of Toronto closed 3 deals in the last month and made more than $100,000 profit in 30 days!

With just 10 hours of effort, Robert Beagle closed his first real estate deal and made over $61,000 profit as a real estate syndicator!

Thanks to real estate investing syndication, Tom and Claudette Cooke now have $330,000 in Private Money at their disposal and they’ve setup a business in another city they’ve never visited before!

You can experience these results if you arm yourself with the tools, information and resources you need to become a real estate investing syndicator.


Real estate investor Brad Wozny, has transacted over $14 million worth of real estate across 5 markets in North America in just 26 months primarily from his laptop and Blackberry using real estate syndication. AND he wants to show you how to pocket 6-figure checks simply by syndicating real estate deals. Claim your copy of his FREE 6-FIGURE Syndication Secrets report now at .

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  1. The syndicate sounds like a pretty good idea, but how does it really differ from getting private money? It sounds like you are able to pool private money with this concept, but what are the disadvantages?
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  2. gerald hill says:

    Has anyone here ever don a subject-to deal on a home before it get foreclosed on? (I need some help!)….Thanks,

  3. Real estate syndication can be a great thing and spread the risk.
    .-= Kapiti Real Estate Blogger´s last blog ..SHORT WALK TO PARAPARAUMU BEACH- SHOPS …… =-.