How to Close Your First Real Estate Investing Deal

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Beginning Real Estate InvestingWhat if I told you there was an easy path to getting your first deal done but that most investors ignore it and choose to do things their way. If I explained in plain English what that path was and it made sense to you, wouldn’t you take it?

I know I would . . . I’m just glad that my mentor “enlightened” me before I wasted tons of time, energy, resources.

Well, lean in because I’d like to share what I consider to be extremely important information. BECAUSE if you focus on the wrong techniques and strategies when getting started, you may end up frustrating yourself right out of the game . . . which is not what you want or deserve.

The idea for the video below came together because I see soooo many beginning real estate investors taking what I consider to be the longer riskier more difficult path to closing their first deal . . . and you know what, it’s doesn’t have to be that way.

Check out the video now to learn how to grab your investing career by the horns and get that first deal in the bag.

Soooooo now it’s time to take some action. To help you implement what you learned, I sifted through the blog for you and found some of the best resources to help you close your first deal. Check ’em out . . .

Beginning Real Estate Investing Resources


4 Steps for the Newbie Real Estate Investor to Get Started

We hit on education, relationships, action, and teaching. And how it all relates to helping you get your feet off the ground.

The Secret to Getting Started in Real Estate Investing

What do you think is the most important thing to focus on as a beginner?

Hopefully you have at least some clue after watching the video above. This article is a good add on after checking it out.

59 Must Know Tips in Creative Real Estate Investing to Minimize Risk and Maximize Return

This is a killer post! Pros and beginners alike can benefit from reading this one. This is the most popular article on Must Know Investing . . . if you haven’t checked it out, dive in. It’s good stuff.


Why Most Beginners Will NEVER Make Money in Real Estate Investing

This is a newer addition to the blog. It’s a free 60 minute video that details the 3 most common real estate investingĀ  myths, why most beginners fail (and what to do about it), the problem with real estate investing courses, and my P.A.N.T.S. success formula for getting started the “right way”.

Creative Real Estate Solutions in Today’s Market

This 5 part real estate investing video series is stuffed with what creative real estate is all about. And once again . . . it’s free.


Secrets to Being a Great Marketer Teleconference Call

Last but certainly not least, a hour plus audio download to give you the skinny on marketing secrets.

. . . I know what you’re thinking . . . don’t get overwhelmed. This is a TON of content so just take it down in bite size chunks. Bookmark this page and make progress everyday. Read another article, watch another video, study the marketing call, take action immediately.

This is all very doable, and you’ll be able to close your first deal no matter what your situation is, if you don’t let your fears get the best of you.

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