Who Else Wants a Seller Financed Deal For Only $1,800 Down?

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I'll Take That Real Estate DealAre you one of those non believers that think that you have to have a bunch of cash or credit to get into real estate investing?

Well, if that’s the case, here’s a real world real estate investing case study of one of Wil Christenson’s latest and greatest deals. He specializes in creative deal structuring . . . buying property subject to and creating seller financing to pay sellers for their equity. Wil structured this deal so that the seller took back 100% of the financing so all he had to pay was his closing costs (some attorney fees, title search, deed stamps, etc) which amounted to a whopping $1,800 bucks! That’s it!

And the property was in good shape! Can’t get much better than that . . . all it needs is a little cosmetic work. I decided to shoot a video to highlight exactly how the deal went down.

Here’s a few things you’ll learn in the video:

= > How in the heck he found the deal

= > 2 BIG hints when the lead came in that screamed “This Could Be A Great Deal!”

= > Key questions Wil asked to unlock the seller financing potential

= > How he used “The Truth About Taxes” to compel her to finance the deal (and how you can too)

= > The magic question that explodes your wealth when you know how to hold your mouth right

= > How every payment is in essence going in his back pocket

= > and MUCH MORE!

Watch the video now!

Want us to publish an article about one of your creative real estate deals? Shoot us the details through our Contact Us Page. Write “Deal Case Study” in the subject line and we’ll get back to you soon . . .

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  1. Doug says:

    Great deal Wil! Thanks for sharing your deals and tips with us.

  2. aturner says:

    That’s incredible that she is taking payments like that and that every payment is going directly towards the principal balance.

    I think I need to shut my mouth when negotiating and just ask more questions like you’ve been preaching through your articles and videos.

    Thanks guys! You give away so much good free content here. I love it!