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If you missed yesterday’s post on how to get private money easily for your real estate investing deals, make sure to check it out first.  Trevor Mauch and I just unveiled our first video in our “Private Money Blueprint” video series. He starts off the video, tells you about his first deal and how he used private money to make it happen. Then, I walk you through some real world deals that I’ve used private money to fund.

In today’s video, Trevor kicks it off by giving a quick recap on what we discussed yesterday. He also gives you the low down on what you’re in store for this week (we have a lot planned by the way). Then, I tell you a little bit about my story . . . how I got started as a poor broke college kid and the biggest roadblock I faced. I cover the importance of private money in today’s market, advantages of private money, that that there are no excuses and no magic bullets, and show you some proof that I’ve been doing this for awhile.

Check it out below!

You guys are going to learn a ton from this series! We know how important private money is becoming in every real estate investor’s business and want to provide you with the knowledge, tools, and skill set to make it happen.

Make sure to head over to the “Private Money Blueprint” website. Each new video will be added to the site as they come available, and you can ask all of your burning private money related questions. Buckle in guys! We’re going to bring you nothing but solid actionable content this week!

And if you still haven’t downloaded the free ebook and power point presentation on getting private money . . . quit being an idiot. Click on this link, download it, read it, and take action.

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