How to Recruit Private Money Webinar Update

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How to Recruit Private Money WebinarIf you’ve been paying any attention to the blog lately, you know that we recently did a free, 100% content, no pitch webinar, How to Recruit Millions in Cash from Private Investors for Your Real Estate Deals. We had such a great response from the attendees that we’ve decided to do it again live.

It seems that there are a ton of investors out there whose number one stumbling block is financing, and I definitely understand. I can still remember how I felt when I was getting started. I remember thinking, “We’re following the books advice to learn the real estate game. We’ve got some marketing going now. So it’s only a matter a time before we get a good deal under contract . . . how in the world are we going to get it financed?

Soooo, in other words, you’re not alone if financing is holding you back. Every investor has to get over this hurdle, and I was able to accomplish this by learning the secrets to recruiting private money for my real estate deals.

If you choose to join us for the webinar, you’re really in for a treat. I’ve put my years of experience into the information provided in the webinar and designed it so that you can get started recruited private money right away.

Check out the link below for more info!

How to Recruit Millions in Cash from Private Investors for Your Real Estate Deals

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  1. Apartments says:

    This definitely sounds interesting, more from a marketing prospective that anything for me. I like the idea of building a quality product that people are looking for and then leveraging that for business and investors.