IRA Real Estate Investing and Pooling with Private Money Lenders

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IRA Real Estate Investing and Pooling with Private Money LendersThat’s right! Video number 4 of the “Private Money Blueprint” video series is here. This one tells you all about the not so secret . . . “secret” of IRA real estate investing and pooling private lender funds.

We are privileged to have Trevor’s friend, Susan Lassiter-Lyons, join us to share how to use IRAs to fund your deals and how to pool lender funds safely (which is interesting to me, I’ve always taught not to pool investor funds but she’s going to tell you how to do it safely).

Susan is quite the established real estate investor. She’s been at it since the mid ’90s and has generated over $24M in loans to investors! She now focuses on generating private money for her own deals and holds ownership in a large portfolio of apartment properties.

Keep checking back this week for more . . . we’re not done yet!

Here’s the links to the first 3 videos if you missed them or just want to watch them again:

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