Secrets to Getting Private Money for Your Real Estate Deals

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Secrets to Getting Private Money for Your Real Estate DealsWhen I told you we were launching the “Private Money Blueprint” video series, I meant it! I’ve got another HOT video stuffed full of as much content as possible. This is the meat and potatoes guys! So set aside 15 and prepared to get slapped with some knowledge.

If you choose to study this video, know it inside out, and take action, you will soon find yourself sitting in front of a potential private money lender. And that’s the only way that you’ll ever be successful at getting private money . . . if you’re in front of them presenting your investment opportunity.

Here’s what I cover in video 3 of the “Private Money Blueprint” video series:

  • The #1 Reason Investors FAIL at Getting Private Money
  • What Your First Goal Must Be When Getting Started
  • How to Get the Formal Appointment (which is crucial)
  • Types of People Most Likely to Invest with You
  • Your 30 Second Commercial (this will make or break you!!!)
  • And More . . .


There’s no time like the present. Now you don’t have an excuse anymore. I’ve given you the How to Recruit Private Money Millions eBook and power point presentation that teaches you how to present your investment opportunities, AND I just taught you exactly how to get from where you are today to sitting down with a potential lender.

It’s only a numbers game from here. Present your opportunity to enough people and there’s no way you won’t be successful. Commit to asking until and when you get a “No,” simply say to yourself, “NEXT! Move on to the next prospect. It’s can be that simple if you let it.

Before I go, here’s another nugget of wisdom that made all the difference for me . . .

Don’t think of it as asking people for money, think of it as

presenting a terrific opportunity for the right person!

Stay tuned . . . we’ve got a special guest on the next video to tell us about using IRAs and pooling funds.

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  1. fsboladysc says:

    Great, Just the kick inthe pants I need to put me out where I need to be. Thanks for caring.

  2. Patrick Riddle says:

    I’m glad to hear that. I want you to succeed at this just as bad as you do. As a teacher, my measuring stick is the success or failure of my students. So get out there and make it happen.

  3. Patrick, you straight up rock! I would have paid big bucks for what you have provided for free. I hope I can catch up with you for additional mentoring.

    Thanks again!

  4. Patrick Riddle says:

    Thanks Kevin! I checked out your site and it’s looks great. I would love to hear how your doing getting private money.