Local Real Estate Investor Hits a Home Run Deal

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This video is a testament that good deals are made not born. They are created not with your eyes but with your mind. The exact same lead could go to two different investors and one may disqualify the lead while the other hits a homerun with it.

Wil Christenson had a lead that was referred to him by another investor and at first, didn’t think too much of it. UNTIL, he inquired further and checked out the property with his own eyes. This deal has all the attributes that every creative real estate investor looks for: little to no cash in the deal, financing is in someone else’s name, good positive cash flow, equity, and he already found a tenant!!

Check out the video so Wil can explain exactly how the deal unfolded . . .

[flv]http://mustknowinvesting.com/video/Real_Estate_Investing_Deal_Video _Wil.flv[/flv]

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Congrats to Wil on the great deal and for exhibiting some excellent creative real estate investing skills! Thanks for sharing your deal with us!

On a side note, if you have a deal that you would like featured on the blog, shoot me a quick email. Haven’t thought about doing this before now but could be a great way to show everyone that creative deals are being negotiated all the time all over the country. I look forward to hearing from you!

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