Q: How Do I ‘Convince’ the Seller? A: I Don’t.

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2015-2-23-260Hey guys, we have a great question today from Esther in Denver. It’s so awesome that I’m going to devote today’s awesome post to answering it for y’all’s benefit. J

“How do you go about convincing an unexpected owner that I can help them sell their house without me being a real estate agent? They are feeling quite skeptical.”

Like I said, that’s a phenomenal question and it’s also a tell-tale sign that Esther is an Investor Profits on Demand student. How can I tell, you ask… Esther referred to the ‘unexpected owner,’ which is something we cover in our training. I’d like to encourage others out there to check us out and give us a test drive with our Investor Profits on Demand course. Give it a go; I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed!

But back to the question…

Not so convincing

The very first thing that popped into my head was when I heard the word ‘convince.’

The mindset that I go into any situation with – like a seller situation for instance – is that I’m not out to convince them of anything. The service that I provide is for people that are highly motivated and need to sell fast. You know, those who want a quick solution to their property ‘problem’ or issue. Those are the people that my service is best for.

So the way this question is phrased makes me think that this unexpected owner you refer, for whatever reason, just may not be all that motivated.

Let me be clear – I definitely only work with motivated…highly motivated, sellers.

A skeptical inquirer

As for the rest of the question – that part about you ‘helping them sell their house…’

Look, we’re coming at things as a real estate investor. Whenever I meet with a seller, whenever I talk to a seller, I’m letting them know that the service we provide is quick, cash offers to unload your property fast.

I’m letting them know that the offer that we’re putting together is to purchase their property.

Even if my intention is that I may wholesale with the seller, I’m negotiating a contract to purchase their property.

Use my explanation about the services we investors provide rather than saying to the seller things like, “I am going to try to help you sell your house.” That does sound like a real estate agent.

We, as investors, we’re looking to go in, offer a quick solution, and then for those who accept that offer, we can proceed from there.

This is regardless of whether we want to buy the property and fix and flip it, or hold it, or if we want to wholesale it…

Now, you could include some different clauses in your contract to reflect these different strategies if you want to.

Be reluctant

I want to briefly touch on something I teach about – that is playing the reluctant role.

2015-2-23-oppYou usually refer to it from the context of talking to private money lenders and not trying to convince them to loan you their money… but instead you’re in the reluctant role and you have an opportunity that may or may not be the right fit for them.

You’re kind of trying to helpfully see if this is something that might be a good fit for both of you or not.

Similarly, when you’re talking to a motivated seller, if your prospective is that you’re here to try and convince them of anything other than, say, subtly convincing them of your credibility… well, then I’d have to say you’re missing the mark.

I think, Esther, your perspective, as you talk to the sellers, should be shifted instead to use different words. When you’re talking to people, you’re explaining to them that you buy houses and that you have no limitations on area or condition, typically…

But I would also encourage you to say that as an investor you have multiple exit strategies.

A lot of times…

  • You buy and you repair.
  • You buy and you rent.
  • You quickly resell to another colleague.

Maybe you have a pretty good network of investors and it may be a better fit for them than for you. Until you get in there and talk, you don’t know which strategy is going to be the best fit.

The bottom line is that’s what you do as an investor

One of those exit strategies is going to be at play, and if they want to sell their house and they have a motivating factor that is driving them, and you can help solve their real estate problem, then you have something that makes sense for both parties.

Now, I’m using my own words here. You’re going to have to find your own words to put to that…

But, hopefully you understand the perspective that you should be coming from – regardless of what words you put to it. I think if you come from that position, it will come through in your words.

Remember, you’re not trying to convince them or prove yourself as the best solution to them…

At least that’s not the position I take. I’m always talking to people, just saying:

“Hey we may or may not make sense, let’s just have a conversation and see… and if we do make sense, that’s great, and then we can move pretty quickly and pay you cash so you can move on with your life and solve your problem.”

I would simply encourage you to shift mentally. I know you can do it!

Talk to me

Have you had success with this approach by shifting your mindset? Talk to me below, I’d love to hear about it.


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