How to Increase Profits By 300% in the Next 90 Days

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Real Estate Investment Tips and Strategies : How to Increase Profits by 300% in 90 DaysHave I got your attention???

First, I am going to tell you exactly what will most likely either stop you or at least get in the way of your increasing your profits by 300% in the next 90 days. Since I’m going to tell you what it is, I’m hoping you will identify it as soon as you see it and face it head on . . . YOUR COMFORT ZONE!

It is one of the biggest roadblocks that you will continually face throughout life no matter how high you go. You are probably very familiar with it and know exactly when you are stepping outside of it. When you get that light headedness, stomach wrenching, uneasy feeling that makes you just want to STOP what you’re doing and retreat back to safety, you know that you have ventured outside of your comfort zone.

Over the years, I have conditioned myself to identify the feeling and attach an entirely different meaning to it. It’s the same idea that Tony Robbins teaches with neuro-associative conditioning (his branch of NLP).

I know that when I do something uncomfortable, I have taken a step in the direction towards growth and progress. I know that I am in a position to learn an extraordinary amount. By knowing this to be true, I’ve attached that uneasy feeling to tremendous growth and development. I actually feel excitement now when I used to associate negative feelings with it.

Anyway, enough about that. Just know that to increase your profits by 300%, you’re most likely going to be uncomfortable at some point. Whether that means being uncomfortable about investing more money into your business, uncomfortable approaching and negotiating with sellers, or uncomfortable learning how to track and account for the details in your real estate business.

3 Keys to Making the 300% Leap

(assuming your willing to step outside your comfort zone)

1. Fire Up Your Marketing Plan

You cannot reasonably expect to make 300% more profit in the next 90 days without putting some serious attention to your marketing strategy. If you don’t have leads coming in at all or don’t have as many as you would like, how else do you plan on getting the phone ringing? MARKETING!

And you might as well go ahead and decide to accept that marketing is an investment, NOT AN EXPENSE. If you are saying to yourself, “I don’t have money to invest in marketing, I’m broke.” Well, there’s plenty of Low-to-No cost marketing techniques out there. Your willingness to do them is the only question at hand. Check out some of our marketing posts, you will find plenty of techniques. If you are not satisfied, shoot me an email, and I’ll help you out.

If you already have 30 to 50 leads coming in per month, you’re going to need to triple that. This may involve simply investing more money into your marketing system or may force you to try something you’ve never tried before. Either way, you’ve got to take the next step.

2. Sharpen Your Negotiating and Sales Skills

Whether you like it or not, you are a salesman. If you don’t like the sound of that, assign another mental representation to what you think of when you think of a salesman. Everyone is in sales whether they admit it or not. As an investor, you are going to be selling contractors, investors, buyers, sellers, attorneys, accountants, and possibly employees just to name a few, on your ideas every single day! If there was a master skill to success as a real estate investor, I think that it would be to become an excellent communicator. That is really all negotiating and sales is…communication.

So my question to you is, “What have you done lately to improve your negotiating and sales skills.” What have you read, what have you heard, and what have you tried lately to improve upon your ability to sell effectively. A great book that is an easy read is Zig Ziglar’s Selling 101. Also, Peter Conti and David Finkel’s books are a goldmine for good scripts for negotiating. You may not even realize how powerful they are until you study the subject in depth.

My recommendation to you is to find a good mentor, and simply do what he or she says. A natural tendency is to do things your own way just like it’s a natural tendency to stay in your comfort zone. Take an expert’s advice and once you master it, then tweak your strategy to best suit your particular style.

3. Get a Laser Focus on the Numbers

What I mean by that is, “Know your bottom line in every deal you do, know which marketing strategy(s) is bringing the best results, keep your eye on what you’ve paid your contractors, watch the time tables and budgets for your projects and make sure they are staying on track.” And I say this all from experience!

I’ve thought I knew exactly where we were in a deal and then to my dismay, totaled up the numbers, and WHAM, we only made half the profit we were supposed to! Last fall, we had 5 or 6 renovations going on at one point and extended money to one of our contractors that never completed the work. I didn’t realize we were paying him for work yet to be completed, and now I’m having to file judgments against him, probably end up in court, and waste a lot of time!

They say you can’t manage what you don’t measure, and I will attest to that! The closer you pay attention to the details, the more money you’re liable to make.

To increase your profits by 300% in the next 90 days, no matter what level investor you are, do these three things. Step outside your comfort zone! Your wallet will be thanking me later!

By firing up your marketing plan, leads will be pouring in from all directions. By honing and perfecting your negotiating skills, your closing ratio will dramatically increase. Coupled with having an avalanche of leads, you’ll be on your way.

BUT, don’t forget to keep a watchful eye on the numbers. Remember, you can’t manage what you don’t measure. And if you want to manage to increase profits by 300%, you’ve got to measure your successes and failures. That’s the only way towards improvement!

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  1. mccann says:

    That was quite the post! You’ve really got me motivated to take action.

    Keep the good info coming!

  2. Good point about being a salesman. I don’t like to believe it but it is true. It is a sales industry and we have to look at it as such.

  3. aturner says:

    If you want another good suggestion on a negotiating book, check Negotiate This, by Herb Cohen (I think). I read it earlier this year and it is awesome.

    Also, Dusty, I loved the 7 Things You Must Know Yesterday About Negotiating CD! Thanks! I’ve gotten some great mileage off of it.

  4. Tage says:

    The old adage is always popping up, High Risk, High Reward. If every deal that a person did is a “low risk” endeavor (if that is possible in real estate), then how can that same person expect exponential returns?

  5. Everyone is a salesman is correct. Even if you are an account you may have had to sell yourself to your employer or if you are work for yourself then you had to convince someone. And Patrick you must know your numbers. What do you have and what is it costing you.

  6. It’s good to see you make the point about focusing on the numbers. Too few of the “gurus” key on that, preferring instead to focus on getting deal after deal.

    As result, new investors often fail to nail down the basics. Thanks for the insight.

  7. And be persistent. To often people give up. There is no such thing as luck.

  8. Patrick Riddle says:

    Persistent is right!

    The real estate investing game takes a decision, not a hope or wish, to become successful. Most people give up after their first obstacle.

  9. Interesting post. anyone tried this? I’d be curious to hear testimonials.

  10. Ken says:

    On target on all points. My “regular” job entails stragetic planning for a Fortune 500 company and I take the same skills; persistance, pay attention to the details, and most importantly have a business plan. As Robert says…there is no such thing as luck. My wife and I have been RE investors for 15 yrs and will put 4 kids through college. Don’t give up…most do.

  11. Robb says:

    Interesting idea. Most people consider staying in your comfort zone to be a good thing, but you’re saying that it might not be. However, I’m not sure many people will be taking that advice right now, as bad economic times tends to lead people right back to that comfort zone.

  12. Donna Wilson says:

    Hello, you make a lot of sense. I have been learning and investing alot of time, energy and money in getting my real estate off the ground. I am working on a wholesale deal which is almost done waiting a an issue with the title company and seller. Now I am trying to find help with a short sale to help a homeowner that is behind about 3 months. I am a member of some groups and also am trying to network with someone or people to help with a very motivated seller. She is really scared of what is going to happen. She just wants out so she can start over.
    Need help if anyone would like to work together on this or have any advise.

  13. Patrick Riddle says:


    If you would like to discuss the short sale your working on, click on the “Ask the Expert” link. If you can explain some of the details of the deal to me, I’ll see if I can help.