Real Estate Millionaire: The Essential Starter Course Review

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If you’ve been a regular reader at MustKnowInvesting over the past year, you’ve surely seen one of the guest articles contributed by Julie Broad of RevNYou

She’s been a regular contributor and even taught a 100% content teleconference call with us several months ago. As long as you were signed on to my list, you got the invite to hear Julie and her husband Dave’s 5 step anybody-can-do-it real estate investing process. And they also shared a little bit about their story … about how they’ve built a multi million dollar real estate investment portfolio in just a few years.

Here’s what their 5 step real estate investing process looks like …

RevNYou Real Estate Investing  Process

Pretty simple ehhh?

Well, Julie and Dave have a course that they’ve put together based on this process … actually … before I get to that …

One of the things I LOVE about Julie and Dave is that they are regular everyday down to Earth people. They’re straight shooters that don’t support the “get rich quick” mentality or methods that some of the “gurus” teach. They don’t hype up real estate to be something that it’s not.

… and in my book … that means a lot!

I asked Julie to mail me a copy of their home study course so that I could review it for you guys …

One of my goals here at MustKnowInvesting is to provide you the information, tools, and resources that you need to be successful. Sooooo, when I come across a quality course that I give “two thumbs up” … I’m gonna tell you about it.

Real Estate Millionaire: The Essential Starter Course

Check out my video review below …

I cover why I think their course is particularly relevant in today’s market, who I think the course is right for (and who it’s NOT), how Julie and Dave became real estate millionaires, and then give you a sneak peek of the course …

Interested in learning more about Julie and Dave’s Real Estate Millionaire: The Essential Starter Coure?

Click here to check it out NOW!

Here’s just a few things you’ll learn in their course:

>> Dozens of secrets to start building a real estate portfolio in your spare time. Instead of buying yourself a job, learn how to invest your money and let it grow without worry.

>> How to analyze properties for their cash-flow potential … literally in seconds … with their easy-to-use tools and techniques.

>> Why risk-reduced investing, and the fundamentals of real estate are essential to learn first. It takes a bit longer overall than the “guru” way … but it’s far less stressful, a lot safer … and requires a lot less time each week.

>> How to attain financial freedom and retire in 5-10 years, a real estate millionaire … Julie and Dave reveal their secrets of how they did it … so you can do it too …

Click to here for a real world no hype system for building wealth in real estate

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