2 Ninja Strategies to Get You More Seller Leads

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Hey guys, JP back again…

You might know that I like to wear multiple hats, and I’d like to think I wear ‘em well. I’m an investor, a blogger, a consultant, a marketer, a family guy, a devoted father and husband, and I try hard, really I do, to be an all-around good guy.

Yep, that’s me in a nutshell.

But thanks to experience, successes and (most importantly) failures over the years, I can now add lead generating ninja to my hat collection. I’m armed (but not dangerous) with targeted, proficient practices that have helped shape the success of my business today by producing more leads than I ever thought possible.

Now, I’m not talking nun chucks, swords and throwing stars (as cool as they are). What I’m talking about are killer strategies that simply kick some lead generation butt.

Today I want to share with you a challenge that one of our Strategic Investor Insiders is facing…

He presented his challenge on a recent coaching call and I know many of you will relate:

Greg is getting some leads and closing a few deals, but it’s not happening fast enough for him. He needs fast money to get out of debt, so he can open the door to bigger investment opportunities.

So Greg has asked us how he can get seller leads – and ultimately close more deals – faster.

The true ninja way – my top 2 picks

Wanna be the guy generating the most leads in your area? All you have to do is follow these two ninja strategies.

For some, these strategies are generating 4-6 deals a month. For some, these are the only methods they use to get leads and ultimately close deals.

Remember, our friend Greg didn’t say he needed low-cost methods – he said he was looking for the FASTEST methods way to accomplish his goals.

The formula is simple. Increasing your volume of leads means more deals, and more deals means more profits. So, even if you change nothing else, up your volume of leads to increase your volume of deals.

Execute the methods to follow with ninja-like precision and you too may find yourself getting leads quickly and closing deals with very little time and effort put forth.

The Realtor ‘mindshare’ tactic

Each time you come in contact with a Realtor, you’re going to ask them for the green light to touch base occasionally (but regularly) to see if they have any deals.

realtorSome Realtors have deals on their plates that have somehow stayed under the radar, meaning nobody else knows about them. Those deals on the “DL” may be the perfect fit for you, but Realtors won’t think of you unless you ask them to.

So, here’s the answer to that problem. You can subscribe to Mailchimp (for free) and set up an auto responder. In short, it’s robot email. You can program Mailchimp to send an email – a personal email – whenever people sign up for certain listings.

Your email should read something like this….

“Hey it’s Greg. Just a friendly reminder that I’m looking for “X” deals in “X” location with
“X” specifications. Please let me know if you’ve come across any lately. Thanks!”

Think of this email as a quick ping. It’s short, polite and to the point. Once you’ve got this set up, you’re going to program Mailchimp to send a slightly different version of that email once a week, every week. a

And each time you talk to a Realtor, you’re going to add that Realtor to your Mailchimp database.

Now you have your Realtors’ mindshare for the properties you want, and sooner or later, the right deal will come your way. Setting up an auto responder costs nothing but a little time upfront, so start connecting with your Realtors and building that database… like yesterday!

The pending’s hijack trick

Pending properties are not always missed opportunities, despite popular belief. Most people pass them by and put them in the “missed boat” category, but you’re not going to do that. Ohhh, no sir!

You’re going to call the Realtor when you see a pending property and introduce yourself as an investor who is looking for a property just like the pending property. Some Realtors will shut down; others will say “tell me more.”

Your goal is to plant the seed and make a lasting impression. You’re the guy that Realtor will call should the deal fall through, and I can assure you that deals fall through all the time. Let your Realtors know you’ve got cash, and you can make a deal happen fast.

Here’s the thing – when deals fall through, Realtors have to fire up the marketing machine and start the selling process all over again, which costs them time and money. But you can swoop in and save the day and ensure that everyone wins in the end.

Remember to ask your Realtors to physically write your contact information on the seller’s folder. This makes for quick and easy access to you when that does fall through.

A 3rd to consider – kicking your partner to the curb

I’m not trying to hate here. I’m simply saying sometimes partners aren’t necessary. Ask yourself how much your partner is really handling? Could a part-time assistant do the work that your partner does?

Consider replacing your partner (it will only sting for a second) with a $12/hour virtual assistant or a transaction manager (costs $250-$400 per transaction typically) instead of having a 50/50 partner. Have that assistant complete the smaller tasks your partner was doing for a fraction of the cost. Talk about an investment!

Well, that does it for today.

Hopefully I’ve provided you, and our buddy Greg, with some helpful ways to quickly generate more leads to bring on the deals and bring in the profit.

Interested in more of the awesomeness we have to offer? Sure you are! Go ahead and check out these 4 free training courses. Did I mention I’m giving them to you for free? You’re welcome.)

jp-signatureWhatcha think?

Are these ninja lead gen tactics helpful? Lemme hear from you in the comments section below.


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