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Here’s the top 3 real estate investing articles of all time here at

1. 59 “Must Know” Tips in Creative Real Estate Investing to Minimize Risk and Maximize Returns

This creative real estate investing article presents tips throughout the entirety of the investing process. Whether you are a beginner, an expert, a flipper, a wholesaler, however you relate to the real estate investing world, you will be provided with some insights into safely maximizing your returns.

There are a ton of links throughout this article to help guide you through the blog to find exactly what you are looking for.

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2. How to Turn a Good Deal into a Great Deal : Creative Real Estate Investing

You’ll learn 7 simple ways to turn a good deal into a great deal such as getting “the stuff,” negotiating seller financing, rezoning a property, and more.

Remember, you never want to make the mistake of “trying” to make a deal work. Either it’s a deal or it’s not! What we’re talking about here are some simple ways to pad the deal for a greater comfort level and profitability!

It doesn’t ever hurt to be on the conservative side of things . . . especially in today’s market!

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3. The Most Costly Mistake You’ll Ever Make as a Creative Real Estate Investor

Here’s a little excerpt:

Have you ever read or heard about a killer deal that a real estate investor did and thought to yourself, “Why in the world would the seller ever accept an offer like that?” or “I could never make that kind of an offer” or “How do you talk someone into that?”

If you answered “yes,” than you have most likely suffered from this common profit destroying tendency. At some time or another, ever creative real estate investor has made this mistake and must always be on guard against it . . .

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  1. aturner says:

    I love that 59 Must Know Tips post! You absolutely nailed it!