Not Enough Time in the Day : Real Estate Investment Tips and Strategies

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Not Enough Time in the Day : Real Estate Investment Tips and StrategiesHire a birddog!

After starting our real estate business, it wasn’t even a year later that we started to use birddogs to leverage our time.

Our primary strategy to acquire homes at that time was to go door to door to homes that were facing foreclosure. That information is public, so we were excited about that, and we figured that if anybody was motivated to sell, they should be. Although we got some good deals from door knocking, it was a lot of work. Driving around all day on week nights and weekends was no fun anymore. There had to be another way.

Enter the birddog. There are people out there that are happy to donote their precious time to be your eyes, ears, and legs. We found some hungry aspiring real estate investors and trained them to go out in the field for us. It was a great deal for them not only for the learning involved but the profits we split from deals they brought in.

Anyone who has a real drive to become a successful real estate investor knows the value of a mentor. Find you a birddog and put him to work. Your time can be spent elsewhere.

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