What is “The Lifestyle Investor” by Justin Wilmot?

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So, what if I told you there was away to flip houses in Memphis, while living in Long Beach, and spending most ofthe year in paradise (vacationing) and do it all from your cell phone, tablet or laptop?

Intriguing, right?!

Well, Patrick here, and I’m super pumped to tell you about an awesome new real estate investing training program called The Lifestyle Investor System by Justin Wilmot. This incredible time-saving program is the perfect step-by-step, A-to-Z blueprint of how to make real estate investing a real business that can provide consistent income AND give you time to enjoy it.

See, Justin’s uber-successful REI business has evolved into his latest business model—it’s a strategy I’ve never considered before that’s working SOLID for him today.

It’s a revolutionary wholesaling strategy that he calls “Retail Wholesaling“. (Also, he’s in the fix-and-flip side too… only, he’s got a very unique way of approaching it, so he MAKES BANK on fewer, better deals. Basically, he “cherry picks” deals to fix and flip, and “Retail Wholesales” the rest of them, for way more profit per deal than he was doing a few years ago.)

But here’s the thing… you might be thinking, ‘Hey Patrick, I guess this sounds cool, but it also sounds like REALLY hard, time-intensive work!’

But therein lies the beauty—Justin is a Lifestyle Investor—he doesn’t do 100-hour work weeks, outworking everyone with no time off. Blech!

Allow me to explain…

What is a Lifestyle Investor?

A Lifestyle Investor is someone who chooses an investing strategy that provides them incredible income with plenty of time to enjoy it.

Isn’t that why so many investors get into investing in the first place? The dream of financial freedom and spending quality time doing what you love with friends and family you love?

But what I see happen so often is that investors get into this industry and end up working countless hours and their REI business becomes just another J.O.B. :-(

So, Justin figured out how to get past those limitations… where his income continuously flows in while he goes on month-long vacations with his fam. In fact, Justin flips properties while he’s on the sandy beaches of Costa Rica, The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, even Panama…

True story!

Just take a look at him in this pic—“working” while soaking up the sun in between catching the surf waves. THAT is The Investor Lifestyle.

In Justin’s new strategy, he’s taken all the forms, systems, processes and documents and compiled them all nice and neat into remarkable step-by-step training that anyone can follow—to finally achieve success: time freedom and financial freedom.

What is The Lifestyle Investor System?

So the training is broken down into 4 main video presentations:

  • KickStart—Let’s Get Ready to Rumble
  • Lifestyle Investing—Rethink, Rewire, Reset!
  • Retail Wholesaling—Wait… What?
  • Fix-n-Flips Justin Style—Pickin’ Cherries, Baby!

The Kick Start is designed so you can hit the ground running, woohoo!

Module 1, Lifestyle Investing, shows you how you can rewire your brain so you can quickly and easily get crackin’ on this strategy in the right mindset… so you can truly make this work for you.

Retail Wholesaling is Module 2, where Justin explains this strategy that he invented. He teaches you how you can profit from just semi-motivated sellers… no need to hunt for deeply discounted deals and super-motivated sellers anymore.

And in Module 3, Fix-n-Flips Justin Style, you’ll see how Justin cherry picks high-profit deals—but never sacrifices his lifestyle. I’m telling you, what you’ll learn in Module 3 is mind-blowing!

Anyways, check out this brief video that tells you a little more about it. Enjoy. :-)

The Bottom Line

What’s most amazing about Justin’s new strategy is that it all revolves around a lifestyle of freedom—your lifestyle of freedom—by building a business that works for you and NOT the other way around.

Justin works to live. He doesn’t live to work.

You too can finally have the financial peace of mind that you and your family deserve. Best of all, you can run your Lifestyle Investing business from anywhere on the planet. When the program is followed exactly as instructed—and mixed with some dedication and hard work—the results will be extremely satisfying.

From moment one, The Lifestyle Investor provides the tools, resources, support, and the personal mentoring you need to make real money as-fast-as-humanly-possible.

Sound good to you?

Then you’ve got to check out The Lifestyle Investor System by Justin Wilmot and become a true lifestyle investor yourself. It’s absolutely possible!

You’re gonna love Justin’s approach… his strategy… and the new investor lifestyle you’ll be able to lead.

Once you check it out, I knowyou’ll see that the lifestyle investment strategy is right for you. Take control of your life—start today.

The Lifestyle Investor by Justin Wilmot

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