2 Ways to Get Paid on Wholesale Flips

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2015-4-20-260Hey guys, Patrick here…

Today, I want to share with you an interesting question that we got in one of our coaching calls in the Strategic Investor Insider Circle. These are private coaching calls that we do only for our members. And the question was specifically asked in reference to Justin Wilmot’s super-terrific 10 Hour Wholesaler Course.

But really, this question applies not just to those who are following Justin’s very successful business model, but it goes for anybody who’s in the wholesaling business.

Justin Miller asked:

“I just have a few questions regarding how to facilitate these deals. I know that I have to get the Co-Wholesaler to sign the marketing agreement and they walk the buyer through the house. Once the buyer closes on it, how do I make sure I get paid? Do I send the agreement to their attorney as well as my attorney?”

Great question, right? It actually makes me realize how much Jp and I take for granted some of the fundamentals that are critical for you to really understand in this REI biz – and in this case, how to protect your payment and how to ensure that you get paid as a wholesaler.

So, go be a fly on the wall for a slice out of our coaching call where you’ll hear Jp and I answer this question by revealing the 2 primary ways that you get paid in this scenario.

Give a listen right here!


Great stuff, right?
And it all started with a great question.

We’ve actually had several interesting posts come out of our training calls about co-wholesaling over the past few months including one about how to approach other wholesalers, one about a simple search that brings an endless source of deals and another all about co-wholesaling in general. You should definitely check these out because they are loaded with useful info.

USE patrick-signature-image-1-169x300So, what did you think?

Is this something you already knew about how to get paid? Maybe you have something to add… we always love hearing from you, so please sound off below and share your thoughts.




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