What *Type* Are You? Your Success Depends On It…

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Hey, I came across a powerful story the other day when I was reading,The Millionaire Messenger by BrendonBurchard. The story perfectly illustrates the difference between people who fail… and those who have MASSIVE success.

So which type of person are YOU?

“There are two types of people in the world. Both are blessed to enter a wide-open grand, green field of opportunity under which lie vast treasures.”

First Type Of People In The World

“One type looks around the field, grabs the nearest shovel, and begins digging a hole in the ground, looking for gold.

When this person gets a few shovels deep and discovers either (a) that they aren’t hitting gold as fast as they thought they would, or (b) that there isn’t as much gold as they thought, they stop digging and move to another random point in the field.  They grab a newer, fancier shovel and start digging again, looking for gold. Again they find disappointment, so they move on and on and on.

At the end of this person’s life, their field of opportunity looks like a bunch of half-dug holes.”

Second Type Of People In The World

“The other type approaches the field of opportunity differently. They scan the horizon and decide where they would like to stake their claim in life.

They, too, begin digging for gold. They, too, may quickly discover either that (a) they are not hitting gold as fast as they thought they would, or (b) there is not as much gold as they thought.

But here is where their fate unfolds differently than that of their unfocused peers: They keep digging. They think to themselves, “There is some gold here – maybe not as much as I thought or as easy to reach as I thought, but there is gold.” They keep digging, working hard, staying focused.

And soon enough, they hit the big payday, that vein of gold that is more abundant and awe-inspiring than they ever imagined. They set a foundation there – a fencepost of fortune, if you will. And then they move to another spot, aligned with their previous success, and they dig deep again, setting up another foundation and fencepost of wealth.

At the end of this person’s life, their field of opportunity looks like a line of strong foundations stretching into the sunset.”

So… Which Type of Person are YOU ?

It does NOT matter which type of person you’ve been in the past. What matters is which type of person you’re going to be for the rest of your life.

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