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Battle of the REI Blogs

“Battle of the REI Blogs” 2009 CHAMPION

Watch the video below …

A HUGE congrats goes out to Julie Broad of RevNYou … Champion of the first annual “Battle of the REI Blogs” 2009.

Final “Battle of the REI Blogs” 2009 Standings

1) Our CHAMPION – Julie Broad – 256 Votes

2) Ron Mead – 228 Votes

3) Stephani Davis – 127 Votes

4) JP Moses – 113 Votes

5) Susan Lassiter-Lyons – 110 Votes

6) Sergeant P-Rid (yours truly) – 81 Votes

7) Trevor Mauch – 78 Votes

8) Shae Bynes

9) Peter Kolat

10) Jamel Gibbs

11) Larry Goins

12 & 13) Brian Evans and Ken Spohn

Thank you to all the real estate investing bloggers that participated! You guys and gals are awesome!

A BIG thanks to everyone that voted! The contest wouldn’t have been the same without each and every one of you …

We salute you … our readers, our subscribers, our watchers, our listeners … your success makes what we do worthwhile. Thanks!

It’s been pleasure hosting the first annual “Battle of the REI Blogs”!

BTW – I plan on bringing home the title next year! Soooooo watch out!

I’m outta here …

Sergeant P-Rid

P.S. Got a real estate investing blog? Interested in participating in next years battle? If so, leave a comment with your name, blog name, and url.

P.S.S. Also, make sure you check this out … the theme song for the Battle … LOL … “An Ode to a Championship: The Ballad of the ‘Battle of the REI Blogs'” … let me know what you think … hahahaha …


Welcome … to’s first annual …

“Battle of the REI Blogs”

… and I’m your host, Patrick Riddle.

I’ve assembled the A-List, the top 13 real estate investing bloggers to compete to see who’s blog is #1 in your eyes …

Below, you’ll get a chance to check out each participating REI blogger. Each has his or her own custom profile that includes a link to their blog, their 3 main social media links, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube, and a “Tweet About Your Fav Blogger” link.

Sooooo we need you … our readers, our subscribers, our listeners, our watchers … to research each real estate investing blogger below and vote on your favorite, on who you think has the #1 real estate investing blog, on who you think should be crowned “Battle of the REI Blogs 2009” CHAMPION!

Maybe you’re thinking, “Sounds great Patrick … but …
What’s In It for ME?”

Great question … so here are just a few of the things in it for ya …

1) A chance at winning one of the FREE Private Money Blueprint Home Study Systems ($697 VALUE) being given away … the same system that’s generated over $11M in cash from private lenders by its students in only the past six months.

All you have to do to enter is vote on your favorite real estate investing blogger in the comment section (more on that in a minute) …

2) Get social and connect with the “best of the best” real estate investing bloggers.

People are communicating, growing personal relationships, getting to know each other through social media … Twitter, Facebook, YouTube … soooo now is your chance to add the top real estate investing bloggers in the country to your personal social network.

3) Build your foundation of rock solid real estate investing educational resources.

Each blogger participating has his or her own unique style, REI niche, and resources available to help you on your path towards real estate investing riches.

Figure out which blogger/blog appeals to you and your goals and subscribe to ’em.

Now it’s time to learn …


1) Contest Starts October 26th and Ends October 29th 2009 at midnight EST.

2) You MUST be 18 years or older to participate.

3) Meet the bloggers below … click through to their blog and see what you think, connect with ’em if you want through Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, Tweet about ’em if that’s your thing … and decide on your favorite.

4) VOTE! All you gotta do is put the name of your favorite blog/blogger in the comment section.

AND, you may want to add the reason why … why it’s your favorite blog, why he or she is your favorite blogger … because the winning REI blogger gets to hand out FREE Private Money Blueprint Systems to 5 of their voters … AND the runner up gets to give one away too.

Sooooo, by telling “why” … you increase your chance of being picked for one of those killer FREE private money training systems.

5) Only vote once for one blog/blogger and use your real name or biz name (we have a special team in place to ensure that violators are disqualified from the contest … only vote once and use a real name so that if you win, you can get your prize)

And that’s it! Pretty simple, right?

Well, I guess that’s it for “how to play” … now it’s time to …

Meet the bloggers


Creative real estate investing tips, tools, and techniques from Patrick Riddle, REI expert, college drop out and self proclaimed beach bum.


Real estate investing for real life. Largest collection of free forms, tips, tutorials, market stats, product reviews, and news on the net.


Real estate investing live and on location across north america. Videos, tips, and resources to help you invest successfully in any city!


Imagine Real Estate Investing…Undressed. It’s practical, real & “Average Joe” friendly. Stop by & grab my 53 Free REI Forms on the house!


Real estate investor tools, tips, and tribulations from Larry Goins.


Real estate investment education blog provided by the REI education academy. Learn the hottest tips and strategies on this blog.


Rags to riches real estate: the daily musings of a bartender turned REO wholesaler …


Real Estate Internet Marketing Blog-FREE 56 pg. Real Estate Black Book-The Only Place to Get Secret Internet Marketing Strategies For FREE.


Susan Lassiter-Lyons blog, The Investor Insights, is the real estate investor’s destination for financing info, creative strategies and wit.


If the coffee I’m drinkin’ and what I’m just thinkin’ or your just a winkin’, then we’d better say bye, cause I’m just the Probate Guy!


Real Estate Investing is the most fun thing you can do with your clothes on, and this blog is the place to discover how!


On top of the over 14k wholesale listing for you to search…I now have great tips and content for wholesaling. Stop by and leave comments.


An inside look at a hubby & wife’s journey to financial freedom via real estate. Learn from it all – our obstacles, failures, & successes!


Cast Your Vote!

Vote on your favorite real estate investing blogger in the comment area. But remember, only one vote per person.

May the best blogger WIN!

And to all of you who win a FREE Private Money Blueprint Training System ($697 VALUE) … may you easily get all the private money you could ever need for your deals. Can’t wait to hear your success story!

Thanks soooo much for your participation.

I’m out …

~ Patrick Riddle (aka Sergeant P-Rid)

P.S. Make sure you grab a copy of my “How to Recruit Private Money Millions” eBook and private lender PowerPoint presentation before you leave …

P.S.S. Oh yeah, and thanks for stopping by … hope to see ya again soon :)

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  1. Hey Larry

    Yes my vote is for Mr. Larry Goins, I think his blog is the best take care Larry keep on doing what you’re doing!!! you
    ‘ve got my vote.This was a great competition with so many great names in the business but I think you’ll get the championship next time.

  2. I want to say thanks so much to everyone! What a good time this was!

    I’m truly honored and humbled by your votes and what so many of you shared. I congratulate our Canadian victor, Julie, and all my fellow bloggers who were in the running. You all add something very special to the REI net space, and I’m honored to call you colleagues and friends.

    Special thanks you to, Patrick. Buddy, you done a good thing here. Great job.

    See you guys, around!


    PS…There was lots of good trash talking going on behind the scenes between some of us…via Facebook, Twitter, email…next year I’m going to work harder to involve Ron in that. He’s way too nice. Julie too. You guys need to get a little muddies up with the rest of us! :-)
    .-= jp moses | REI Tips´s last blog ..Painfully Honest and Epic Mobile Home Commercial =-.

  3. barry says:

    i vote for Susan lassiter she is the best.

  4. Alexandra says:

    I vote for RON MEAD.

  5. rick says:

    I vote for Ron

  6. H BREWER says:


    I live in taiwan so do LONG distant investing in the USA and in South America….

  7. Victoria says:

    Patrick my vote is for you.

  8. Raymond Nieves says:

    I may be late but I vote for Ron Mead

  9. Abel says:

    I vote for Stephanie

  10. Saunja says:

    I vote for Shae Bynes

  11. James Orr says:

    Hi Patrick!

    I wish I had known about this competition… I would have loved to participate. If you guys decide to do it again, please do let me know.

    Looking forward to do a JV with you guys this month or next.